A consultation process has been launched for a community-led renovation of the skate park in Chorlton Park, with the aim of transforming the area’s metal ramps into smooth concrete surfaces and building a new space where communities can gather. Spearheaded by Julie Battesti, the project hopes to give Chorlton’s skate park a modern facelift, bringing it up to date with the other popular skate parks Greater Manchester has to offer and – thanks to a successful social media campaign – it already has the support of the local council.

“Most skateparks nowadays are made of concrete which is really smooth and safe to skate on, doesn’t cause too much noise pollution, super flexible in terms of design and generally quite pleasant to the eye. It’s the number one option nowadays,” says Battesti. “Chorlton Park skatepark is made of metal ramps on rough tarmac – metal tends to get slippery and rusty, but also undulates with time – especially in our wet climate. I am a Chorlton resident and a skatepark user, but never go to Chorlton Park skatepark which I thought was a real shame,” she admits. “Through social media, I quickly realised that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

“Skate parks are incredible community spaces, gathering not only skateboarders but also skaters (inline/quads), scooters, BMX and even WCMX (wheelchair),” continues Battesti. “All those disciplines have boomed over the past year, especially with women. Indeed, you can practice those sports on your own or in small groups, outdoors – and all social distancing friendly!”

Local residents will now have the chance to contribute to the renovation of Chorlton Skate park via the ongoing consultation process, while avid skaters and community residents alike can get involved via their various volunteering opportunities. For more information and to have your say – visit the Chorlton Skate Park website.


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Image by Claire Stocks.
Thu 25 Feb, Chorlton Skate Park,
Chorlton Park, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, M21 7HH

Simon Bland
Published on:
Fri 26 Feb 2021