Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points is a formidable DJ, producer and musician with a reputation in the DJ world to rival his expansive, often ambient-tinged productions such as ARP3. Typically playing vinyl only, his club sessions take in house, techno, soul and disco. Classically trained, he also writes arrangements for the Floating Points Ensemble – and this weekend, the host of London’s monthly “Floating Points &” sessions at Plastic People is joined by Kelvin Brown (Eyes Down) for a rare session at Soup.

Sat 11 May, Soup Kitchen, 31-33 Spear Street, M1 1LE. Tel: 0161 236 5100, 11pm-3am, £7,

Image: Eglo Records

Sat 11 May
Ruth Allan
Published on:
Fri 10 May 2013