Bikes are all over Manchester to the extent that it’s hard not to fall over a pair of wheels during a stroll around town. Making it even easier to go crazy on two wheels, a new, 24/7 fold-up bike scheme based at Piccadilly train station has launched for those looking to hire for daily or long-term commutes. Called Brompton Dock (after the famous bike brand) this new concept offers all British hand-made bikes suitable for carriage on public transport for you to use as and when suits you. Tariffs vary, but we reckon a frequent rider hire of £15 per week will do you more good than spending your mornings on a Megabus.

10 London Road, M1 2DD, 24 hours a day, Weekly tariffs: 1-week trial membership + hire: £10, Frequent rider: £15 per week with additional costs.


Alistair Beech
Published on:
Wed 15 Aug 2012