There is plenty of meat on the bones of Manchester’s food and drink this week as two steak restaurants are set to open in the city, there’s rumours that a new pocket park will see the light of day, Levenshulme is welcoming a beer in a bank, but Arndale says goodbye to it’s prosecco bar.

Cook your own steak at new restaurant The Stone Grill
If you want to go one step beyond Hello Fresh, and go out to cook your own dinner, then a new restaurant on Liverpool Street is here for you. Promising steaks, seafood and (volcanic) stones, The Stone Grill began in a Blackpool hotel 5 years ago, and is on to its third site and first outside of the seaside town with the Manchester restaurant. Taking over from the old Bollywood Masala site, The Stone Grill will provide customers with seasoned raw meat on sizzling stones that they will then cut into strips and cook to their liking. And as we all know about steak, it’s a rare medium, well done.
Opening Jun, The Stone Grill, 13-25 Liverpool Road, M3 4NW.

More steak at Ribeye on First Street
It’s not just Castlefield that is getting in on the meaty market, as a new steak restaurant opens in the growing First Street area. Halal certified Ribeye Steakhouse is set to be the largest restaurant yet for the complex that includes HOME, with 140 covers and a promise to use only the very best cuts of meat. As with any modern steak restaurant, there will be wagyu beef on offer, but unlike most, don’t expect to pair it with a hearty Malbec as Ribeye will have a dry bar offering mocktails and non-alcoholic fare. At over 5,000 sq feet the restaurant will ensure even vegetarians and vegans are catered for, with special non-meaty grill offerings when it opens at the end of May.
Opening May, Ribeye Steakhouse, First Street, follow @Ribeyemcr for up to date info

Halle Place loses its FIZZ! as prosecco bar closes
Despite a lot of buzz about their escalator/stair hybrid, it appears the Arndale’s Halle Place food hall isn’t performing too well. Just five months into their tenure, the large prosecco bar, FIZZ! by Frizzenti, has shut apparently ‘temporarily until further notice’ but with no more information. Added to this, the Tapas Revolution chain has pulled out of opening in the £11 million food hall meaning six units are still to be filled.
Halle Place, Arndale Centre, M4 3AB. for news on new openings.

Bookshop and cafe Chapter One purchase park
Cafe and bookshop Chapter One have some grand designs for the spot of green space in front of their Lever Street premises. For a while now, the area has been an underused and uncared for location on one of the main entrances to the Northern Quarter but the cafe hopes to change that over the next couple of years. With a Victorian London feel, the mock-up photos suggest iron railings and a greenhouse. Chapter One have teamed up with local designers Pen Studios for the initial idea that should hopefully go some way to adding to Manchester’s lacking green space.
Chapter One, Chatsworth House, 19 Lever St, Manchester M1 1BY. Follow @chapter1uk for updates on the new park

Beer in a bank at Overdraught in Levy
One cannot expect to see many high streets banks reopening in the digital banking 21st century but Levenshulme TSB, shut since 2017, is to spring forth again but this time as a bar. Overdraught (not to be confused with the pre-Fifth Ave haunt of youngsters), will be opening for bank puns in April and, as the name suggests, will be concentrating on pints of beer in the old financial institution. Whilst draught beer will be its forte, Overdraught will also have a daytime offering of coffee and cakes as well as local events including Meet The Brewer talks.
Opening Apr, Overdraught, 574 Stockport Road, Manchester M13 0RQ

Mash Tun to open on King Street in April
It’s a staple classic of Northern cuisine, so it’s no surprise that bangers ‘n’ mash are finally getting the dining out do-up. Mash Tun, set to open on the old Grafene site on King Street, will be offering ten types of sausage, ten types of mash, and ten types of gravy, on their menu – at our (probably wrong) maths that makes around about 1000 combinations. This being Manchester, there will also be a craft ale element to the bar with 26 beer taps – so does that make 26000 combinations? Either way, a lot of beer, mash, and sausage is heading, with a ‘London gastropub’ feel apparently, to Manchester very soon.
Opening Apr, Mash Tun, 55 King Street, M2 4LQ.

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Tue 26 Mar 2019