With Mother’s Day fast approaching and many things still being closed it’s difficult to know how to show our appreciation for our incredible mums. To help you out with what to give to the most influential woman in your life, HOME-X have launched a luxurious dining experience with a seasonally inspired menu from Six By Nico chef Nico Simeone.

The Mother’s Day edition of Home by Nico features a four-course menu including a starter, main, cheese course and a dessert – all topped off with a bottle of Montresor Prosecco. Included within the box is a variety of mouth-watering foods – from potted hot smoked salmon, sirloin of beef, dark chocolate mousse and spring vegetable fricassee.Boxes are currently available to pre-order starting at £65 with servings for two people and UK-wide delivery available on Friday 12 March before the big day arrives.

HOME-X has also launched other dining experiences that you can use for other occasions, such as their Cooking Tuscany box featuring a taste of Tuscan cuisine and The Cheese Club’s luxury cheese board box. Each food experience can be ordered up to twelve months in advance, with menus regularly changing. Visit the HOME-X website to learn more and to order your own.

Ellie Boyle
Published on:
Fri 26 Feb 2021