Mana, Manchester’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, has revealed that it will be abolishing service charges for its staff from November 2021. In a recent Tweet, chef and restaurant owner Simon Martin likened the process to a form of slavery and hoped the decision to scrap it would increase respect for those working within the restaurant industry.

Martin also revealed that menu prices will go up slightly to subsidise this change and that all staff members will be receiving a basic salary increase to help fill the gap. The process of tipping dates back to a time where waiting staff didn’t get paid and instead relied on gratuity to earn money. However it was far from a sustainable or reliable form of income, with lulls in restaurant footfall having huge knock-on effects to the amount of money employees could make.

Mana’s decision to ditch this process hopes to bring the restaurant sector into the modern age whilst marking the first high-profile hospitality venue in Britain to make the change. Learn more by checking out Mana’s social media page below.

Tue 23 Mar, Mana,
42 Blossom Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 6BF
Simon Bland
Published on:
Tue 23 Mar 2021