It’s not often we feel the need to tell everyone (literally EVERYONE) about a new opening, but 10 Tib Lane has stolen our heart. The cool interior brings to mind London’s Brat; it’s modern, tasteful, spacious, perfectly pitched and not too fussy. And the founding team’s credentials are spot on. This is a collaboration between the rulers of Chorlton cocktail scene (Henry C, obvs), the NQ’s award-winning CBRB and award-laden chef Alex Shaw. Shaw oversaw world class reviews during his tenure at Volta, picking up the Chef of the Year award at the Manchester Food and Drink Awards along the way. Now a Hebden resident, he’s returned to the kitchen to showcase a French small plates menu. Highlights include ridiculously tender Iberico pork with sage and black garlic (£12.50), devilled crab on sourdough (£11) and a knock out artichoke, mint and oat crème fraiche combo (£6). There’s a loving attention to sourcing too, with vegetables ordered from Michelin-star-grade supplier Cinderwood farm (where you buy before they even pick the food and its delivered the same day). Wines are natural, French and fun. We tried a bottle of red La Tangente Les Vains Cuvee 2020 (£36) which sparkles slightly on the tongue. And, just as you’d expect from Henry C, cocktails are destination makers; don’t miss The Matador with mezcal and fermented ginger (£10). The collective have taken over the labyrinthine central Lounge 10 / Filthy Cow site and delivered a concept that feels fresh and fully formed with a cosy ground floor bar, mid-level dining room and leafy top-floor snug. We’ll be back to see which floor we like best.


Iberico pork sage and black garlic at 10 tib Lane
Iberico pork with sage and black garlic (£12.50)


Devilled crab on sourdough at 10 Tib Lane
Devilled crab on sourdough with a beignet (£11)


Artichoke and oat creme fraiche with watercress at 10 Tib Lane
Artichoke and oat creme fraiche with watercress (£6)


Interior at 10 Tib Lane Manchester
The cool, minimal restaurant on the second floor
10 Tib Lane,
10 Tib Lane, Manchester, M2 4JB
, Tel: 07399755946, Varies
Ruth Allan
Published on:
Fri 3 Sep 2021