The story of Frank Sidebottom, aka the late Chris Sievey, is taking the leap from our city’s backdrop and has now found itself as the loose inspiration for a feature film starring a couple of Hollywood heavyweights. While Michael Fassbender starring as the papier-mâché-headed title character will inevitably catch the spotlight – and Maggie Gyllenhaal, as Clara, opposite him – the performance of Domhnall Gleeson (best known for his work as one of the Weasley brothers in the Harry Potter films) has also been gaining excellent early reviews. Gleeson’s character, Jon, finds himself befriending the enigmatic Frank and joining his aspiring band. Although the similarities in the plot and Sievey’s story are said to largely remain in the pasted cranium donned by Fassbender, the story has been penned by Sidebottom’s former band member Jon Ronson – so fans of his original optimistically bizarre multi-platform comedy are sure to find something to enjoy here.

Opens Fri 9 May, Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, M1 5NH, Tel: 0161 200 1500, Times and prices vary,

Fri 9 May
John Hutcheon
Published on:
Thu 8 May 2014