The Great Northern Warehouse has joined forces with two local artists for a new painting installation and interactive virtual reality experience. You’ll find these in the window of No. 285 Deansgate, where they can be viewed by the public at any time until the end of July.

Nan Collantine explores how architecture and place shape human experience, using painting and drawing to create her own visual interpretations. She creates pieces specific to the place she is working from, and what’s on display here reflects the heights of Manchester’s new skyline, as well the vistas of the surrounding city centre. Based in a satellite studio in a unit within the Warehouse, she produced the installation over a seven-day period.

Meanwhile, Babs Smith’s art explores human reactions to our environment in an online and offline process. She is responding to Nan’s work and changing the architectural landscape of Manchester, digitally via an interactive virtual reality experience. Collantine’s work can be viewed from Friday 19 June, with Smith’s available from the Saturday 2 July. To find out more, visit the Great Northern Warehouse website.

Sat 19 Jun - Sat 31 Jul, Great Northern Warehouse,
285 Deansgate, Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Thu 1 Jul 2021