Vintage toys bursting with European chic are now on display at Central Library. The Manchester Modernist Society’s Galt, Games and Garland exhibition celebrates Galt Toys, the Cheadle company revered for its bold and simple design aesthetic. Their biggest hits included Connect, a set of interlinking cards based on Dominos, and Fizzog in which players match increasingly comedic faces. Toymaker Ken Garland’s commitment to non-gendered design and sleek typography became sought after in the era of Candy Crush, even more so after a firework destroyed most of their archive in 2003. The Galt toys exhibition can be found on the first floor of Central Library until May 30.

Wed 5 Apr – Tue 30 May, Central Library, St Peters Square, Manchester M2 5PD. Tel: 0161 234 1983, 9am – 8pm Mon – Thurs, 9am – 5pm Fri & Sat, FREE,

Wed 5 Apr - Tue 30 May
Fat Roland
Published on:
Mon 1 May 2017