Last Oink Punk Bingo of the Year at Blue Pig
The Blue Pig’s Oink Punk bingo runs every Wednesday, and you can catch the very last one of 2016 this week. It’s a twist on the classic game beloved by blue rinse grandmothers, all set to a playlist of classic tunes from the past half-century. It’s not technically free as a bingo card comes at a cost of £1, but in the true spirit of rebellion it comes with a free shot of tequila. There’s also a range of cheap drinks promotions running all night, which you can read about in our full preview.
Wed 28 Dec, The Blue Pig, 69 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1FS. Tel: 0161 832 0630, 8pm -10pm, £1 play,

Improv Jam at Salford Arms
ImproQuo run regular Improv Jam’s at Salford Arms and you can catch one this Thursday. If you’re a seasoned improvver, if you’ve never tried Improv, or if you just want to turn up and shout out suggestions for characters, quirks and locations, this is the ideal space for you. Free, fun and low pressure: A great free activity to depressurise between Christmas and New Year.
Thu 29 Dec, Salford Arms, 146 Chapel Street, Salford, M3 6AF. 7.30pm – 9,30pm,

Last Highlights Tour of the Year at Manchester Art Gallery
Manchester Art Gallery has some great exhibitions running at the moment, from contemporary Japanese design through to Edwardian portraiture (pictured). All of this can be seen this week on one of the gallery’s highlight tours, running on Thursday and Friday. Volunteer guides take you through the exhibitions, providing additional insight into the art and the history of the gallery itself. These are the last two tours of 2016, but don’t worry, these tours can still be enjoyed in the new year.
Thu 29 Dec – Fri 30 Dec, Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3JL. Tel: 0161 235 8888, 2pm – 3pm,

Last Chance to See Rachel Maclean at HOME
In just over a week, HOME will be closing the doors on its Rachel Mclean exhibition ‘Wot u :-) about?’. Mclean is a unique Scottish artist who uses digital techniques to produce surreal, candy-coloured, vapourwave-inspired prints that provide a wry twist on some traditional fairytales. The exhibition runs until 8th January, but get in early this week to beat the last-minute crowds, and maybe pick up a copy of cinema-gallery’s 2017 programme.
Until Sun 8 Jan, HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, First Street, Manchester, M15 4FN. Tel: 0161 228 7621, 12pm – 8pm,

Mon 26 Dec - Fri 30 Dec
Jon Whiteley
Published on:
Sun 25 Dec 2016