Unit X Festival
The Manchester School of Art at MMU launches its Unit X Festival this Monday: A week-long festival of arts, with work from young creatives being shown all over the city. The festival programme includes film, dance, collage and even 3D-printed artworks in a unique snapshot of contemporary art. See our full preview for more information, and our top recommendations for the festival.
Mon 8 May – Fri 12 May, various venues and times, www.art.mmu.ac.uk

Annual Peace Lecture at University of Manchester
The University of Manchester’s Politics department is presenting their Annual Peace Lecture this Wednesday, and they’ve invited international business lawyer Martin L. Edelman along to talk on the subject of ‘Trump’s America Reality Show or New Political Reality’. Edelman is a worldly businessman – he works in New York, but sits on the board of Manchester City – and occupies the same world of high finance as the president himself, providing a fascinating insight into the current direction of American politics. With that said, don’t go along expecting a leftist critique of the orange man who live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Wed 10 May, Theatre A, University Place, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL. 6pm – 7pm, www.eventbrite.co.uk

Watercolour Painting at Stretford Sip Club (pictured)
Hidden gem Stretford Sip Club is hosting a free, casual watercolouring class in the cosy confines of the Barton Road bar. Whether you’re an experienced painter, or a keen amateur just looking to push some pigment around, this is the one for you. It’s a very informal session and materials are provided if you need them, but this may also be the perfect opportunity to brush off an old paint set that’s been gathering dust.
Wed 10 May, Stretford Sip Club, 164A Barton Road, Stretford, M32 8DP. 7.30pm – 11.30pm, www.facebook.com

Carnival of Horrors Exhibition at Manchester Creative Studio
Halloween comes early this year to Manchester Creative Studio: The latest crop of studio recruits are showing off their best work at this end-of-academic-year show themed around the macabre. The young media and game design students will be showcasing work including animation, computer modelling, rubber prosthetics and interactive pieces. Refreshments are available on the evening, provided you can keep them down when looking at some of these gruesome creations.
Thu 11 May, Manchester Creative Studio, 16 Blossom Street, Manchester, M4 5AW. 6pm – 8pm, www.eventbrite.co.uk

Mon 8 May - Fri 12 May
Jon Whiteley
Published on:
Mon 8 May 2017