Beermoth, the specialist booze shop in the Northern Quarter, is hosting a very special screening this evening. The movie will be the German expressionist horror Der Golem (1920). Set in medieval Prague, the film tells the story of a rabbi who creates a giant living creature from clay, to protect the Jewish community. However, not all goes according to plan. Hint: the original fable of the Golem was one of the inspirations for Frankenstein. And what kind of tipple would pair with such a ‘noir’ story from central Europe? Dark German beers, of course. This event is co-organised by Optic Films, a monthly screening night which takes place in various locations around Manchester. The group specialise in classic horror, cult, trash, and sci-fi movies.

Thu 4 Sep, Beermoth, 70 Tib St, Manchester, M4 1LG, 8pm, tickets £5.50,

Thu 4 Sep
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Thu 4 Sep 2014