Curatorial bi-monthly night Gesamtkunstwerk has fast proved itself to be the most singular of its kind in the north. Within the past 11 months, its organisers have created identifiable home (and dedicated sound system) for the most forward-thinking, ground-breaking and challenging new artists to emerge in contemporary electronic music-making. Headlining this sixth edition is Shapednoise (pictured), co-owner of Violet Poison/Repitch, performing his only UK scheduled date this year. This year has seen the producer issue a full-length for the esteemed Opal Tapes and a black-as-pitch cassette excursion for Hospital Productions, all while continuing the Violet Poison 12” series that has seen the likes of Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kangding Ray, Vatican Shadow and even JK Flesh turn their dread hands to his austere workings. A noted influence on the curators, Shapednoise’s dark artistry follows in the primitive traditions of Muslimgauze and TG, combining the hulking presence of industrial sound-planes with bruise-inducing sonic battery that puts him in safe company with his peers. Gnod rightly claim main support here. Having executed one of the most brilliantly realised left-steps in recent memory, the Salford troupe have managed to deftly combine jam-heavy legacy with the propulsive vigour of avant-garde techno, painting tapestries of sound atop jackhammer precision that still feel loose and yet heavily organic. It’s a sound that’s pricked the ears of the Blackest Ever Black-affiliate Krokodilo who will be issuing a tape release in lieu of a upcoming tour with co-conspirator Basic House. Nottingham-based Machine Woman rounds out the night, delivering a single-handed assault of industrial furore and seething electronics. Resident DJs Hess, Replicunt and Vulj will be piling on crates anti-rhythm, haunted dub, sandblasted techno and spooked electronica to propel the night into the outer realms and sustain the meat-locker atmos. As ever, the warped visuals of KHOM will be employed throughout the night.

Fri 8 Nov, Islington Mill, James Street, Salford, 10pm-6am, £6 adv, £8 door,

Fri 8 Nov
David McLean
Published on:
Tue 5 Nov 2013