There are few sights more quintessentially English than grown men dancing around in strange costumes, and there’s no place better to watch traditional Morris dancing than picturesque Saddleworth, nestled in the Pennines between Manchester and Leeds. Catch Saddleworth’s unique Morris dances in action on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August at the annual Saddleworth Rushcart festival. Saddleworth Morris men are a sight to behold, performing in the noisy, wooden-soled Lancashire clogs that were traditionally worn in northern mill towns, and bowler hats stacked with flowers. For the Rushcart festival, which originally coincided with Wakes week, the summer break from the mills, dancers from all over the country pull a wooden cart, piled with freshly cut rushes from the nearby moors, with a ‘jockey’ sitting on top drinking ale from a copper kettle. Also look out for energetic Yorkshire Longsword dancing, a competition to find the worst singer and even a gurning competition. Get ready to put your best foot (and face) forward!

Sat 25 – Sun 26 Aug, Saddleworh,
, OL3 6HS. Tel: 01457 834871,

Photo: somewhereintheworldtoday

Sat 25 Aug - Sun 26 Aug
Natalie Bradbury
Published on:
Thu 23 Aug 2012