As part of Cornerhouse’s current Gothic Season, Manchester tour guide Ed Glinert will present the city at its most heinous and horrible on a walking tour of gore and gruesomeness. The tour will follow the screening of Alberto Cavalcanti’s 1945 Gothic classic Dead of Night (pictured, 3.30pm, £8), and will feature screaming skulls, headless corpses, ice maidens, necromancers and the unspeakable awfulness of being the poor person who wakes up in their own coffin about to be buried alive. Participants will also relive the nightmare of digging up a beloved one who passed away only to find their head is missing, among other chilling stop-offs. For those daring to take part, meet outside Cornerhouse.

Sat 21 Dec, Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, M1 5NH, tour starts 5.45pm, £6,

Sat 21 Dec
Steven Brown
Published on:
Thu 19 Dec 2013