The Holden Gallery is something of an underappreciated gem in Manchester’s cultural scene. Located in MMU’s All Saint’s campus, it features work not only students but also more established artists. The newest exhibition is in the latter category, and celebrates the artfulness of deceit. Ruse showcases the work of several artists who explore the grey areas between reality and illusion. New York-based Zoe Beloff’s films ‘The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society’ are re-enactments of people’s dreams. Polair, a film by Laurent Grasso follows a pollen cloud floating over East Berlin and interacting with electromagnetic waves – making them visible. Clare Strand’s ‘Conjurations’ are looped films depicting four women performing familiar magic tricks. Photographer Bridget Smith documents spaces of escape, such as cinemas and other auditoria. Suzanne Treister will present a collection of montages created using text and images from newspapers that help reveal the subliminal messages the news tries to sell us.

Mon 20 Mar – Fri 19 May, MMU, Grosvenor Building, Cavendish Street, All Saints, Manchester, M15 6BR, Tel: 0161 247 1705, noon – 6pm weekdays, FREE,

Mon 20 Mar - Fri 19 May
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Mon 10 Apr 2017