You never can guess what comedian Simon Munnery (pictured) is going to do next. Sometimes he’ll appear on stage dressed as a giant chicken or invite you to dine in his art-concept, food-less restaurant La Concepta. Then at other times he’ll surprise you with a bit of (relatively) straight stand-up. Munnery’s a comedian of great innovation, and consequently he’s built up one hell of a following among comedy connoisseurs as well as his fellow comedians. He’s been a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe, presenting a show most years and back in 1999 was nominated for the main Comedy Award for his League Against Tedium incarnation, leading to his debut TV vehicle Attention Scum in 2001 where he drove around in a bus and made random announcements to gathered crowds of people. Rather joyously he once said in an interview that if he likes a joke and it works with an audience ten percent of the time it stays in his set. That’s the spirit.

Sat 31 Aug (and the last Saturday of every month), Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth Street West, M1 5WW, 7.30pm, £10 (£12 membership, £8 from thereafter),

Sat 31 Aug
Marissa Burgess
Published on:
Sun 30 Jun 2013