Group Therapy teams up with the Found Footage Festival this July for a live comedy event showcasing strange and funny clips taken from obscure VHS tapes. The festival was founded in 2004 by three childhood friends from Wisconsin who shared a love of retro kitsch. They trawled the charity shops and collected naff promo videos, corporate training vids and public-access TV shows, then showed the most unintentionally funny bits at parties. The whole thing grew and became a hugely successful festival and live show. It even spawned a spinoff movie: Winnebago Man, featuring the foul-mouthed out-takes of a disgruntled actor in a mobile home commercial. The touring festival comes to Gorilla as part of a 30-plus-date tour of the US, Canada and the UK this summer. Live, the Found Footage show features two hosts introducing the clips and providing a humorous running commentary.

Sat 26 Jul, Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth Street, 8pm, £11 (£8 members/NUS),

Sat 26 Jul
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Wed 23 Jul 2014