With lockdown lingering and what we all consider to be ‘back to normal’ showing no immediate sign of returning, it’s looking increasingly more likely that the UK is headed for a recession before the COVID-19 crisis is over. However two of the city’s finest food and drink establishments have today released an open letter detailing how Manchester’s markets could hold the key to regional regeneration. The plea – released by Levenshulme Market and Grub – calls for Manchester punters and local government alike to consider farer terms when it comes to taxes, restrictions and financial support for outdoor markets in the all-important coming weeks. As our phased return to normality begins, Manchester’s outdoor fairs and stalls are uniquely placed to allow for a socially distanced retail experience that benefits parties both in front and behind the market stalls. Often operating in under-utilised city spaces and featuring local traders of all backgrounds and expertise, markets could hold the key to easing Manchester’s post-COVID recession with their many economic and social benefits. However due to the many restrictions set in place upon them by Manchester Markets (including admin fees, stall fees and taxes), their future is far from certain. Together, Grub and Levenshulme Market call upon the help of everyone who loves Manchester’s independent retail scene to help ensure these stresses are eased in the coming weeks. Read their full open letter here.

Edward Lane
Published on:
Mon 1 Jun 2020