Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats because the first performance at The Edge in 18 months is about to commence on 9 September.

Chorlton’s home to small-scale adult and family-friendly theatre has gone through a complete refurbishment in lockdown and is now ready for its comeback season – which opens with AIR, a love story to Manchester and the North, and includes appearances from Katie Mulgrew, JB Barrington and DJ/musician Mark Radcliffe.

Here are our must sees in the months ahead:

THEATRE: Spinach | Ages 14+ | Mon Nov 29-Sat Dec 18 | 7:30pm | £14-£16 | Thu 9 Sep

Kate and Tom are two morning after casualties who find themselves tied together in a strange bed with nothing but their memories of a kebab shop and a bus journey to help them.

COMEDY: That Sketch Show | Ages 16+ | Thu Sep 30-Sat Oct 2 | 7:30pm | £12-£14 | Thu 9 Sep

The Edge’s own Mock The Week, this topical satirical comedy gig invites writers to submit work then handpicks them to appear, which makes for an amazing mix of comic voices.

SPOKEN WORD: Luke Wright's The Ballard Seller | Ages 14+ | Thu Oct 14-Fri Oct 15 | 7:30pm | £12-£14 | Thu 9 Sep

Poets used to be our newsreaders, delivering biting ballads about the political debates, saucy scandals and chilling crimes of the day on the city streets. Luke Wright’s show gives this ancient art a fresh outing.

THEATRE: Double-Ender | Ages 16+ | Thu Sep 16-Sat Sep 18 | 7:30pm | £12-£1 | Thu 9 Sep

Two fast-paced monologues about Manchester – one from walking tour guide Joshua Val Martin and the other from Polari speaker Jez Dolan – both examining the lives and loves of Queer people.

THEATRE: The Nobodies | Ages 12+ | Fri Oct 29-Sat Oct 30 | 7:30pm | £12-£14 | Thu 9 Sep

Amy Guyler’s show arrives at The Edge with a string of five star reviews, and follows three innocent bystanders to an accident who find unity in their desire to improve society.

THEATRE: I Lost My Virginity to Chopin's Nocturne in B-Flat Minor | Ages 14+ | Thu Oct 7 | 7:30pm | £12-£14 | Thu 9 Sep

That claustrophobic feeling we all got a taste of in lockdown is at the heart of Sebastian Gardner’s award-winning comedy, in with Ollie and Laura return from a meal with the folks to find they’re STILL squabbling. True love and all is bumps, examined with great humour.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Thu 9 Sep, The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre,
Manchester Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9JG
Sarah Walters
Published on:
Mon 6 Sep 2021