Josie Long brings her latest tour show to Contact Theatre, Viggo Venn and Julia Masli split the bill with a couple of clowning shows at XS Malarkey and there’s a new night called So Hilarious at Feel Good Cafe.

Viggo Venn & Julia Masli at XS Malarkey | Tue 28 Feb | 7.30pm | £6/3

XS Malarkey is going full malarkey this week with a double bill from some of the greatest clowns in Europe. Celebrated Norwegian comic Viggo Venn brings his sell out Edinburgh show to XS for one night only and will be joined by critically-acclaimed Julia Masli with her show “Choosh”. A defiantly different two-hander from what regular XS patrons might expect but must-see for fans of the weird and wonderful world of comic clowning.

Canvas, Unit 5, Building 4, Circle Square, Oxford Road, Manchester M60 7HB
So Hilarious at Feel Good Club | Thu 2 Mar | 7pm | FREE

There’s a new night of new material comedy for women and non-binary folk starting this week as Feel Good Club looks to live up to its name. Not only will there be some laughs along the way but the night will be raising awareness for period poverty and they’ll be collecting period supplies ad toiletries on the door for Women’s Community Matters. Definitely the feel good factor.

Feel Good Club, 26-28 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 2EH
Josie Long at Contact | Fri 3 Mar | 7.30pm | £18/15

Josie Long has always been a joyful comedian, even in the most trying of times she has always tried to see the best of humanity. Throw into mix a cost of living crisis akin to the 1970s and her own circumstances as a mother of two and you’ve got her latest show which looks at the changes wrought by time, passion, moving to Scotland, and loving the world under – let’s face it – difficult circumstances. Josie is one of the greats. If you can, you should go.

CONTACT, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6JA
Tue 28 Feb - Fri 3 Mar
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 27 Feb 2023