There’s nothing quite like the Edinburgh Fringe, 1000s of shows over the course of one month in every nook and cranny of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. If you are heading up to Scotland’s capital for the greatest arts festival in the world then we’ve got a few homegrown talents for you to keep an eye out for so you can support your local scene when they need it most whilst miles away.

The Delightful Sausage: Nowt But Sea | Wed 3 Aug | 12.45pm | £7-10

Starting life as a variety show at The Castle Hotel in the Northern Quarter, Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill’s The Delightful Sausage follow up their smash hit show Ginster’s Paradise with Nowt But Sea. The duo weave a complex and hilarious tale that takes them to a mysterious island to hide from their problems. Amy and Chris will also be trotting out their solo shows with ‘The Girl Before The Girl You Marry‘ and ‘The Bad Boy‘ respectively. All must-sees.

Aug 3-16 & 18-28

Monkey Barrel 4, 9-12 Blair Street EH1 1QR
Erika Ehler: Femcel | Wed 3 Aug | 9.40pm | £6-10

Although originally from Canada, Ehler has made Manchester her home and has further honed her considerable talents at the city’s thriving open mic scene. She also runs the very popular Comedy For Hot People with Michael Mannion at The Fitzgerald and her debut show Femcel comes with a whole lot of buzz. We’ve seen the show in preview form and can confirm it is a blisteringly funny takedown of modern dating that is not for the faint of heart.

Aug 1-28

Monkey Barrel Carnivore 2, 208 Cowgate EH1 1LL
Eryn Tett Finds Her Audience | Thu 4 Aug | 5pm | £5-10

The goal for most performers heading up to Edinburgh is to find their audience, but few will be so bold as to put that right there on the poster. But then, Eryn Tett is unlike most comics. Her idiosyncratic nature plays perfectly into this sociological experiment to see which parts of the audience are on board.

Aug 4-14, 16-28

Just The Tonic at The Tron, 9 Hunter Square EH1 1QW, Tel: 0330 220 1212
Peter Fleming's Woefully Inaccurate History of the BBC | Mon 22 Aug | 7pm | £5-12.50

It has become apparent, certainly over the last few COVID-afflicted years, that performing comedy shows for a whole month is madness. So this year a lot of people are giving themselves more time off, if they can manage it. Character comic Tom Burgess has taken this to the extreme by going up for one night only with his brilliant creation Peter Fleming and his poison penned love letter to the BBC. Heartfelt, in-depth and hilarious, Burgess is a master of tone and pace and in the indefatigable Peter Fleming has found the perfect conduit to rail against the Tories’ dismantling of yet another institution.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street EH8 9DD, Tel: 0131 226 0000
Justin Moorhouse: Stretch & Think | Wed 3 Aug | 7.30pm | £8.50-13

An old pro at this stand-up malarkey, Justin Moorhouse’s latest show is about embracing being middle aged and what exactly that means for his mental wellbeing. One of the city’s finest comedians, Moorhouse is still as biting as ever but here shows a softer and more reflective side as he relaxes into the latter stages of life.

Aug 3-28

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Billiard Room), Teviot Row House EH8 9AJ
Tom Lawrinson: Cheeky Monkey | Thu 4 Aug | 4pm | £5-12.50

Over the last couple of years Manchester born comic Tom Lawrinson has found fame on TikTok with his pin-point characterisations of ‘Dad who doesn’t want you on his camping trip’ and other such observations of social awkwardness. As much as the millions of views he’s had on said app, Tom really must be seen live to truly take in this brilliant, weird boy and his mad comedy brain. He’s also got a heck of a head of hair that looks better IRL.

Aug 4-28

Laughing Horse @ 32 Below, 32b West Nicolson Street EH8 9DD, Tel: 0131 226 0000
Dan Tiernan: Cherub | Thu 4 Aug | 9pm | £5-12.50

Dan Tiernan is another of the city’s comics that has honed his act on the open mic scene and particularly including Jokes at The Oaks that he runs with Jordan Ducharme. After a sell-out run in 2021 Dan has had a big year winning multiple comedy awards and is on many a list of top picks for this year’s festival. Brilliantly daft and very high energy, Tiernan is on the cusp of the big time so make sure you see him now before he’s plastered all over the telly.

Aug 4-28

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street EH8 9DD, Tel: 0131 226 0000
Rachel Fairburn: Can I Be Awful? | Wed 3 Aug | 5.40pm | £6-10

Fans of Fairburn’s smash-hit podcast All Killa No Filla, which she co-hosts with Kiri Pritchard-McLean will be familiar with Rachel’s title here if she often asks before going off on one about anything and everything that has annoyed her that particular week. If Larry David grew up in Harpurhey you might get somewhere close to Fairburn’s attitude to modern life and people in general and this screed against the idea that we must all ‘be kind’ now is arguably her best show yet. Go and revel in being awful for once, you deserve it.

Aug 3-28

Monkey Barrel @ The Hive, 15-17 Niddry Street EH1 1LG
Brennan Reece: Crowded | Wed 3 Aug | 8.20pm | £6.50-11.50

Fittingly, in a year when the Fringe is back in full swing, Brennan Reece will be taking the chance to reconnect with people in his new show Crowded. Having forgotten how to deal with crowds since the world stopped back in early 2020, Reece is looking for people’s help to get back in the swing of things. With his star turns on Live at The Apollo, tour support for Joe Lycett and guest co-host of the ever popular Have A Word podcast we’re in no doubt that they’ll be enough people to reacquaint Brennan with his people. He certainly deserves to be as busy as possible.

Aug 3-29

Pleasance Courtyard (Baby Grand), 60 Pleasance EH8 9TJ, Tel: 0131 556 6550
Hannah Platt & Jodie Mitchell: Thanks for Sharing | Wed 3 Aug | 9.10pm | FREE

Splitting an hour with Jodie Mitchell, Manchester based comic Hannah Platt will be bringing her pitch dark brand of humour to the Fringe with Thanks for Sharing. Platt has always been a writer of great jokes but recently her performances have caught up with her ability to craft a hilarious yet bleak gag and has seen her support the likes of Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Fern Brady and Lou Sanders on tour.

Aug 6-16, 18-28

PBH's Free Fringe @ Roti, 42 South Bridge EH1 1LL
The Jain Edwards Show | Wed 10 Aug | 11.55pm | £5-9

Manchester’s weird and wonderful alternative chat show is heading up to the Fringe for one night only and there’s nowhere more fitting for The Jain Edwards Show to perform than on the top deck of a bus. Jain will be joined by usual co-conspirators Jack Lewis Evans, Foxdog Studios and Jim John Harkness as well as an as yet unlisted special guest for a night of irrepressible madness with a smattering of chat. A great chance to get your Jain fix before the show returns to Manchester in September for “Series 2”.

BlundaBus, Potterrow Port Underpass, EH8 9AA, Tel: 0131 226 0000
Wed 3 Aug - Mon 29 Aug
John Stansfield
Published on:
Wed 3 Aug 2022