West Didsbury Comedy Festival finally arrives this week with a wealth of talent on the docket, plus there’s a tour from Foxdog Studios and Hannah Platt, along with a headline set from Ed Night at XS Malarkey.

Ed Night at XS Malarkey | Tue 26 Oct | 7.30pm | £6/3

XS Malarkey are constant champions of exciting new talent, and with Ed Night headlining this week’s show that streak is set to continue. A firebrand comic for a new generation, Night is a voice that has to be heard. Calm and collected yet quietly furious at the sh*t that has been left at his generation’s door by the last. See him now so you can brag about it later.

The Bread Shed, 126 Grosvenor Street, Manchester M1 7HL
Cultural Comedy Tours with Foxdog Studios and Hannah Platt | Thu 28 Oct | 7pm | £10

Let comedians Foxdog Studios and Hannah Platt take you on a cultural journey around Salford Museum and Art Gallery this Thursday for a tour like no other. There’s sure to be tech surprises galore from Foxdog whereas Platt’s none more dry delivery is perfect for a droll sojourn around a museum. Read more in our full preview here.

Salford Museum & Art Gallery, The Crescent, Salford M5 4WU
West Didsbury Comedy Festival | Fri 29 Oct | various | various

Bit of a cheat this last one as it’s not so much a single pick but many, many picks of great comedy at this long-delayed festival. Over the weekend the likes of Laura Lexx, Tony Law, Daliso Chiponda, Brennan Reece, Lauren Pattinson and loads more (including Glenn Moore) will descend upon West Didsbury and any self respecting comedy lover should be all over it!

Venues across West Didsbury
Tue 26 Oct - Sun 31 Oct
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 25 Oct 2021