Seymour Mace at XS Malarkey | Tue 10 Sep | 7.30pm | £6/3

After years of being an absolute snip at £5 for Tuesday night yucks, XS Malarkey has relented and had to put its prices up (although it’s still £3 for members!). With the lineup this week they have in store (and indeed every week) they could put it up another few notes and nobody would bat an eyelid. Surreal genius and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Seymour Mace headlines proceedings with guest slots from up and comers Tom Short and Samantha Hayes, whilst there’s talk of some cerebral affrontery from Michael J Dolan too.

The Bread Shed, Grosvenor Street, Manchester
Keith Carter at Trapdoor Comedy | Wed 11 Sep | 7.30pm | £5

Tony Basnett’s Trapdoor Comedy night welcomes Keith Carter straight from the Edinburgh Fringe with his new show ‘Dog Man Stars’. One of the most underrated character comedians currently working the circuit, Carter is an off-piste collection of skits and one man sketches that has earned him a cult following and no little critical acclaim.

The Old Monkey, 90 Portland Street, Manchester M1 4GX
Murder at the ISS: In Space, No One Can Hear You Die | Thu 12 Sep | 8pm | £^

Improvisational murder mystery collective Murder Inc. seem to have run out of places on Earth to stage a good killing and so has set sail for the International Space Station for its next setting. Watch some of the city’s best improvisers concoct a plot loosely based around space travel and audience suggestions with free pizza served at half time.

Ape & Apple, 28 John Dalton Street, Manchester M26
Tue 10 Sep - Thu 12 Sep
John Stansfield
Published on:
Tue 10 Sep 2019