From a symposium on defiant women artists spearheading the 1970s art scene to a new cafe menu, The Portico Library’s May schedule promises a wide selection of events for everyone to enjoy…

Women Among the Artists | Thu 5 May

Unpacking feminism, performance and physical form in the context of the British art scene throughout the 1970s and 1980s, art historian Sara Riccardi delivers an evening presentation inspired by Sally J. Morgan’s novel Toto Among The Murderers, which won the 2022 Portico Prize.

Bringing Literature to Life: Frankenstein | Fri 13 May

Scheduled inevitably for Friday The Thirteenth, The Creative Society Manchester will put on an immersive art workshop inspired by Mary Shelley’s iconic story of grotesque despair. Laden with props, music and technical tips, it would be unlucky indeed to miss this evening of entertainment.

The Empress and the English Doctor: Book Talk | Thu 19 May

Author Lucy Ward discusses her latest book on Catherine the Great, smallpox and vaccination in an evening of captivating history that spills over with unsettling modern-day relevance. Part of Feminist Book Fortnight, the event features live British Sign Language interpretation.

The Kitchen

While making clear that the Lancashire Hotpot (and Vegan ‘Notpot’) remain immovable customer favourites, The Portico is unveiling an otherwise new menu that offers the best of locally-sourced produce.

A Manchester Wire Partnership post
Thu 5 May - Thu 19 May, The Portico Library,
57 Mosley St, Manchester M2 3HY
Wolf McFarlane
Published on:
Thu 21 Apr 2022