We had a week of sun, a couple of footie games, and we’re somehow halfway through June. But just because the great weather is gone, doesn’t mean the good grub is going anywhere – and the foodies of Greater Manchester have been rustling up some right treats for us. Whether you’re a pick-up-and-go kinda gal, or a sip in the sun kinda fella, this week we’ve got something for everyone.

Taco Tuesdays at Pollard Yard with Crunched Tacos

To crunch or not to crunch? A controversial question when it comes to tacos. Some like ‘em soft, some like ‘em hard, the team at Crunched Tacos like ‘em fully loaded. Picture this: twice-fried, cornflake-coated chicken, Strongbow Dark Fruits marinated pulled pork, and beer-battered cauliflower with nacho cheese and a garlic crumb – what a mouthful (literally). All served in crunchy corn tacos, all freshly fried.

Crunched Tacos have bagged themselves a regular spot at Pollard Yard in Ancoats, serving up these saucy goodies every Tuesday, from 11.30 ‘til 7pm. Look out for that sexy-looking yellow van.


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15 Pollard Street East, Manchester M40 7QX
CBD infused coffee from Bloom Café

Sometimes it takes a little more than caffeine to take the edge off, and for days like those, Bloom Café provides a VITAL service.

Disguised amongst the flurry of fast food chains, Bloom finds its home on Deansgate Road, serving up your fave caffeinated (or decaffeinated) drinks – with a twist. Customers can opt for an extra shot of CBD in any drink, either 10mg or 20mg.

CBD – the cannabinoid extracted from Hemp plants (the one that doesn’t give you the high) – has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, fear and, most importantly, stress. And you can add it to your morning brew, your lunchtime frappe, or your afternoon americano.

You heard it here first folks: Monday mornings = fixed.


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45 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2AY
Deep-fried calzone from Fritto

Already deeply loved in their hometown of Liverpool, Manchester welcomes deep-fried fanatics Fritto back to the city, with an extra special spot at Grub this weekend.

This weekend, Fritto will yet again be serving their ‘perfetto’ panzerotti – deep fried focaccia calzones stuffed with all da sauce – and fritti (fries). Batter bubbles crunch with the first bite, and the Neapolitan tomato sauce soaks into the focaccia base perfectly. *chefs kiss*

Friday 24 to Saturday 25 June – get it in ‘yer diaries.

50 Red Bank, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M4 4HF
Best Brunch in Town? - Buzzy Bee Brunch Club

It’s the news we’ve been waiting to hear for weeks. The Buzzy Bee Brunch Club has finally opened for good, launching with its full menu in Swinton this Sunday.

At the forefront of Buzzy Bee is an exquisitely talented head chef with an infectious passion for organic, locally-sourced ingredients, so naturally the food is just to die for. You could opt for the spicy n’duja scrambled eggs, or choose the mac and cheese pancakes topped with crispy bacon bits. If you’re a plant-based eater, order your pancakes with the biscoff and vanilla ice cream – you won’t regret it.

What’s more, on Fridays at 4 o’clock, Happy Hour begins, with some cheeky offers on cocktails and sharing boards. Is there any better way to celebrate the weekend than cheese and booze with your pals? Yes, there is. Cheese, booze, pals and your pooch – ‘cause this gaff is dog-friendly. Opens Sunday 27 June.

13 The Parade, Swinton Square, Manchester M27 4BH
Vegan soft serve ice cream from What The Pitta

What The Pitta have seriously saved summer with their latest menu addition. Lusciously creamy soft-serve ice cream – 100% dairy-free – topped with Lotus Biscoff crumble and a Raw vegan chocolate wafer. You can have it in a cup or in a cone, with sprinkles or with sauce, or all of the above. Whatever your style, this is an essential treat for a scorching summer’s afternoon.


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42 Back Turner Street, Manchester M4 1FR
Mon 21 Jun - Sun 4 Jul
Sophie Cunningham
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Mon 21 Jun 2021