This week’s list is another homage to classic British comfort food, with a heavy focus on takeaway chips, burgers and cake. That said, in the hopes that come May we’ll be out drinking in public again, we’ve also included a splash of optimism in the form of a new NQ bar opening. Read on for our top picks to look out for this week…

The new sell-out burger brand hidden on an industrial estate in Bolton

Despite having just one burger and three different sides on its menu, Burgerize has sold out nearly every night since opening in Bolton. First launched in Bradford at the start of 2020, this is the fourth site for the fast-food burger chain. Fast achieving cult status, find it hidden on an industrial estate.

An all-vegan chippy tea in M12

Hailing from Leeds, JJ’s Vish and Chips’ second site has landed in Manchester. Find all your usual chip shop favourites, cleverly reworked for a plant-powered customer base. Top picks include the house marinated banana blossom, nori-wrapped tofu, battered pickles and svam fitters. We also recommend ordering mushy pea fritters with a pot of gravy for dipping. (Are you even Manc if you don’t do this?)

Leopard print ‘shaggy’ cakes from a tiny bakery in Ancoats

These eye-catching ‘shaggy’ cakes from Palms Bakery have been all over our feeds this past week and for good reason. Created by owner Rachel Samuels using a grass piping icing technique, these multicoloured beauties are strictly made to order. Started just before lockdown, these Shaggy cakes look set to be Manchester’s birthday chomp of choice in 2021.

A new underground bar from the team behind Bunny Jacksons 

Billed as Bunny’s ‘crazy cousin’, Junior Jackson’s will take over what was Gym and Juice on Oldham street. Tucked between the Castle Hotel and Eat New York, this tiny underground bar will boast a private, beer-filled room – complete with a hole in the wall to shoot in sliders from the bagel shop next door.

The Heaton grocery store championing local independents

Founded by a couple with strong indie credentials, Bernie’s grocery store stocks over 50 local artisan suppliers, including Pollen and The Palms Bakery. The brainchild of couple Will France (ex-Cloudwater) and Bethan Roberts (ex-Pollen), the focus here is very much on ‘provenance over profit.’ Head down to try Bethan’s homemade cherry Bakewell’s and stock up on household goodies from your favourites.

Mon 15 Feb - Sun 21 Feb
Georgina Pellant
Published on:
Mon 15 Feb 2021