Manchester-based charity, Mustard Tree, tackles the various causes and consequences of poverty and homelessness in the city.

With a brilliant set of values focussed on empowering communities, creating opportunities for individuals, embracing diversity with an emphasis on partnership and compassion—this is a great charity to throw your support behind this Christmas.

Championing the mission of helping people to help themselves, here are five ways you can support Mustard Tree in continuing to provide friendship, healthcare, creative outlets, practice support and mental wellbeing.

1. Fill a crate for Christmas

In the countdown to Christmas, Mustard Tree has announced its annual Fill a Crate for Christmas scheme. All about reaching out to the local area to help stock up their community shop, gather together some vital things and bundle them up into a crate to donate to those who need it most. From weekly shop items to Christmas gifts—just one crate can really go a long way.

The most in-demand items include tinned goods, tea bags, children’s toys, matching gift sets, cereal and selection boxes. Donated crates will be picked up from Mustard Tree’s Ancoats base and if you’d like to get involved with the project then email for more details.

2. Give your time

Become a Friend of Mustard Tree volunteer this Christmas for an opportunity to share your interests, skills and hobbies with people who could really benefit from a rediscovery of their passions and confidence. This is a unique and rewarding way to start creating opportunities for the people that Mustard Tree helps, spreading positivity in a safe and creative space.

Whether your area of expertise is art, creative writing, music or you’re just super computer-savvy—there’s almost definitely something that you can help out with. Always open to suggestions, Mustard Tree would love to hear your ideas for any workshops, events or clubs that you think would make a great change in the lives of people who come to the charity.

3. Donate goods

Think you can fill more than just a crate? This one’s for you. Accepting goods such as furniture, household appliances and electrical items—Mustard Tree then puts the donated items up for sale in their community shops dotted about Manchester. At very affordable prices and with all proceeds going straight back into the charity, this is also a fantastic way to shop sustainably whilst supporting an admirable social cause.

Whether you’ve got an extra chest of drawers you no longer need or a bicycle you no longer use—Mustard Tree offers free collections dependent on the postcode. Be sure to call up their deliveries helpdesk on 0161 228 7331 to find a delivery slot that works best for you.

4. Donate food

From long-life milk to mince pies and chocolate logs, Mustard Tree is in need of food donations this year so that they can stock up their food clubs to increase food supply and distribution.

While most donations are accepted and gratefully received, the charity has found that the items that go the longest way include sugar, bread, cereal, gluten-free items, tinned goods and tea bags. Whether you raid your shelves or pick up a few extra cans of soup when doing the weekly shop—any donation of food this Christmas will make a true difference to those who need it most.

5. Donate money

With a slogan of Give Today, Help Tomorrow, Mustard Tree has a brilliant Christmas Donation shop that allows people to purchase a vital item or a gift for someone who is currently being supported by their work. There’s a Breakfast Bundle priced at just over £16 which will provide 11 breakfast items to someone in need, the Tin Bundle at £17 which consists of 18 canned goods, a Christmas tree for £20 and many more items to choose from.

It’ll be nice to know that you have actively and directly made a change to someone’s life, even if it is just some home comforts or a moment of familiarity for someone displaced, homeless or unemployed this Christmas.

Mustard Tree,
110 Oldham Road, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6AG
, Tel: 0161 850 2282
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Wed 15 Dec 2021