The New Year has come and gone but there are still shedloads of cracking free events all over the city to stuck into this week. From urban mushroom workshops to ultra-cool art exhibitions, get some of those New Year’s resolutions up and running this first week of 2022…all without hurting you wallet.

Here’s the rundown…

Perspectives Exhibition | Ruslan Faraev Institute of Art at Leven | Thu 6 Jan | From 6pm

Marking the exciting beginning of a brand new series of exhibitions brought to you by a vibrant collective of Manchester-based artists is Perspectives. Comprised of some awe-inspiring pieces through multiple disciplines, this work is highly personal and intimate to each given artist’s own life experiences.

From pop art to classical sketching, this exhibition is sure to highlight the unique and creative talent that this city has to offer.

40 Chorlton Street, Manchester M1 3HW
Mushroom Motel | Sadler's Yard | Sat 8 Jan | 2pm-4pm

Get ready for this hands-on session all about investigating and exploring the fascinating eco-systems of dead wood that is full to the bark with life. All about learning in a fun and interactive way, come along to find out all the best facts about nature’s weirdest and most wonderful processes.

Take the opportunity to show support for the city’s mushroom population and the wildlife that Manchester is so proud to offer!

Redfern Street, Manchester M60 0AB
Masterpieces of Manchester Architecture | Manchester Central Library | Tue 4 Jan | 11.30am-1.30pm

From the Classical to the Italiante to the Baroque and all the way up to the Modernist, join Manchester walking tour legend, Ed Glinert, for a brilliant stroll journeying through some of the city’s most remarkable builds.

Expect the sights of the iconic Friends’ Meeting House and have a gander at its Golden Ratio proportions alongside the Pantheon that is the Central Library. With international odes to America and Europe, head over to explore how the city of Manchester takes so much inspiration from around the rest of the world.

Saint Peter's Square, Manchester M2 5PD
Open Doors | Manchester Art Gallery | Sat 8 Jan | 10am-12pm

Specifically designed to cater for the needs of autistic children alongside their carers and families, Manchester Art Gallery’s Open Doors event is a brilliant way to get creatively active this weekend. Each month, Open Doors centres around a brand new style of artwork for all participants to get really stuck in to.

Whether you get involved in the arty activities, explore the impressive gallery or just hang out in The Lion’s Den, these creative sessions truly offer something for everyone.

Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL
The Haçienda Years tour | HOME | Sat 8 Jan | 2pm-3.45pm
Proudly home to an endless list of music legends including New Order, the Stone Roses, Joy Division and The Smiths—Manchester’s impressive musical track record is firmly written into the history books. Featuring fascinating history and insights about the Haçienda and Factory Records—devised by Mojo’s very own Ed Glinert—this one will truly make you feel proud to call yourself a Manc.


2 Tony Wilson Place, Gaythorn, Manchester M15 4FN
Mon 3 Jan - Sun 9 Jan
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Mon 3 Jan 2022