The enforced social distancing has put a stop to many a past time but none more gloriously British than the traditional pub quiz. In these non-traditional times we’ve rounded up some non-traditional spins on the pub quiz to keep you going through these precarious times we find ourselves in.

The Quarantine Show | Facebook Live | Tue & Fri | 7.30pm

Deaf Institute quiz host and co-host of our very own podcast Dan Savage (aka Sav) has leaned in hard to his isolation station and created The Quarantine Show with two shows live on Facebook featuring Norse helmets, a full body Alien morph suit and some vexing trivia on Tuesdays. For those who can’t get enough, Sav is live on Friday’s too with a simple-yet-irresistible game of What’s In The Box. No prizes for guessing what that entails. Watch some of the previous instalments below and get a pen and paper ready for when Sav goes live on Tuesday evenings.

Will Duggan's nightly pub quiz | Twitter | Every day | 5pm

Comedian Will Duggan has been hosting a nightly pub quiz on Twitter with guest rounds from some of his stand-up pals and it’s a welcome respite from the hellscape that the social media platform has become. Not just a cracking standup, Will’s a dab hand on the piano (as anyone that saw his turn as Bonzo the dog in Funz and Gamez would attest) and tickles the ivories on occasion for the odd music round.

Pencil's Down | Instagram Live | Tues | 7.30pm

Pen & Pencil’s weekly quiz has decided to carry on too with a truncated version of the popular Northern Quarter quiz moving to Instagram Live at the usual time of 7.30pm. Expect music rounds, kazoos, bad jokes and a chance to pick the topic for next week’s first round if you do badly enough.

Matthew Durrant's Football Quiz | Instagram Live | Sat | 7.45pm

Though there may be no sporting events for a while there’s a wealth of trivia still out there and a chance to be competitive in Matthew Durrant’s Football Quiz taking place every Saturday evening on Instagram. As well as the regular Saturday night quiz, Matt has been chucking up the odd teaser in his stories every day to keep you sharp for match day.

Quizimodo | Zoom/Insta | Wed & Sat | 7.30pm

One of the longest running pub quizzes in the city, Quizimodo has made the leap to virtual trivia with an interactive quiz in TrofNQ‘s stories every Wednesday whilst the lockdown is on. Chorlton’s incarnation at Brewski has made the big leap however, switching to a Saturday night prime time slot to keep you entertained throughout the quarantine. So get your pals on Zoom, get the tinnies in and enjoy a not so traditional pub quiz courtesy of quizmaster general Graham Feeney.

Joshua Gordon
Published on:
Mon 6 Apr 2020