Manchester not-for-profit social enterprise, Cracking Good Food, works collaboratively within Greater Manchester communities with an effort to increase food security and sustainability, driven by their belief in the unifying power of good food. Cracking Good Food launched way back in 2010, with the aim of encouraging and supporting more people to cook affordable, seasonal and nutritious homemade food from scratch.

Driven by their belief that EVERYONE deserves good food, Cracking Good Food’s mission is simple: to work collaboratively with others to eradicate food poverty and increase food sustainability in Greater Manchester. They seek to enthuse, encourage, and teach individuals and groups how to source and cook affordable, healthy, and tasty food from scratch, whilst minimising both food waste and our environmental impact.

1. Cookery classes

A whole load of cookery classes are coming up with Cracking Good Food from a gluten-free Flour Power session to Nepalese to Vietnamese to vegan Christmas – there is a cuisine for everyone in mind! Come along and cook with the community while your fees will help support the fight for food security across Greater Manchester. Why not learn how to bake your own bread or roll your own sushi whilst championing sustainability and fighting food poverty all at the same time?

2. Set up a community cooking club

Cracking Good Food delivers training courses to communities who wish to develop a good food culture in their communities. The organisation has worked with Housing Associations, Community Groups and the NHS. Cracking Good Food continues to deliver and tackle the barriers communities face when accessing, cooking and budgeting for affordable nutritious food. If you’re a driven community member who wants to invest in the health and wellbeing of those around them – then why not start up a community cooking club?

3. Volunteer

Cracking Good Food is supported by over 100 volunteers who all work to further such an amazing community project! With the help of volunteers, Cracking Good Food can continue with its impressive and extensive programme of cookery classes, courses, workshops and demos. Whether you’re chopping, cooking, portioning, labelling or delivering nutritious meals to community groups across Greater Manchester – you will be actively supporting people experiencing social isolation, poverty, homelessness and hunger. Meet some new people, learn some new recipes and join the fun!

4. Kitchen kit & garden gear call out

Cracking Good Food has created a Kitchen Kit & Garden Gear Call Out for unwanted cooking and growing equipment to give to communities in need. Donations have predominantly been given to residents at homeless hostels and supported housing. The project has proudly received dozens & dozens of boxes filled with vital equipment to enable communities to cook so keep them coming and keep up the good cause!

5. Campaigning

Not only is Cracking Good Food driven to implement positive change within the local community, but they are also majorly concerned with issues in the wider world. The project is currently campaigning to get some of its volunteers released from illegal detention. They urgently need your help to prevent the splitting up of the Galvez family, who originally came to the UK from El Salvador 3 years ago seeking asylum after threats were made to their lives, and the unlawful deportation of the children from the UK. Cracking Good Food is asking its supporters to help with the case by signing the petition and emailing your local MP.

Cracking Good Food
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Thu 7 Oct 2021