In these most unprecedented of unprecedented times, it’s good to find somewhere to have a bloody good laugh. In a new series we’ll be asking some of the city’s comedy vanguard what’s been getting them through the pandemic. This week we spoke to comedian and podcaster Harriet Dyer about what she’s found funny during lockdown. After more of Harriet’s work? She’s continued her award-winning comedy night Barking Tales online and is still putting out regular doses of silliness on her podcast Don’t Worry Bi(polar) Happy.

A Friend's Dog Video

My friend recorded a video for me of her dancing with her dog whilst singing “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty, it’s great.

This Country

This Country is fucking brilliant. The second to last episode of the latest series is quite possible one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

Daisy May Cooper's Instagram

Daisy May Cooper’s (from This Country) Instagram videos with her kid, “Buckbeak” and her dancing to TV theme tunes.

Words with Friends

It’s a classic – I last played it on my iPod as didn’t even have apps on my phone then. I love to spell, I feel it’s expanding my mind and vocabulary and creating the spell-like bond with folk I didn’t even know could exist.

My Creative Output

Now this is going to seem like I’m just plugging my own shit but bear with me. I do my gig (Barking Tales) online every Wednesday and an online panel show (Comedians Spouting Nonsense for Hotspot Comedy) every Friday and these are my closest thing to “still gigging,” and I really do think they keep me sane. Think it’s the fact that every week I know whatever happens I have those two things that’ll be happening so it’s a tiny bit of familiarity, certainty and structure in all this.

Guest Post
Published on:
Mon 1 Jun 2020