An eclectic week of comedy at the end of the month here with multi-Edinburgh Award nominee Kieran Hodgson, a kids show from the puntastic Olaf Falafel and Roast Battles return to Seven Oaks.

Roast Battles at The Seven Oaks | Thu 28 Sep | 7.30pm | £10

Roast Battles return to The Seven Oaks with an absolute banger of a show. Not only do they have four excoriating battles between top local comics, there’ll be a three way battle for the first time as the finale and an appearance on the judging panel from Manchester legend Mick Ferry. Not for the feint of heart is the selling point as much as a warning, the comics will leave no horrendous stone unturned in their “roast” of peers, and you can expect everyone to bring their A game in order to impress Mick.

The Seven Oaks, 5 Nicholas Street, Manchester M1 4HL
Olaf Falafel at The Lowry | Sat 30 Sep | 2pm | £19.50

Something a little bit different here as we recommend a Saturday afternoon show in Olaf Falafel’s Super Stupid Show (20% More Stupider). One of the most consistently funny twitter posters (RIP) Falafel has been packing them in at the Edinburgh Fringe for years and this is a real treat to be able to take the whole family to a show everyone will be absolutely howling at.

The Lowry, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ, Tel: 0161 876 2000
Kieran Hodgson at The Lowry | Sun 1 Oct | 8pm | £16

Another Edinburgh Fringe legend at The Lowry is Kieran Hodgson, bringing his latest Comedy Award-nominated show Big In Scotland to The Studio for a Sunday night outing. Hodgson is simply put one of the country’s finest comedians and has been for some time. After stupendous hours of comedy that have taken in Lance Armstrong, a French exchange trip and his attempt to write a symphony, here he speaks on his decision to move to Scotland during the pandemic. A great decision for him and anyone who sees this show.

The Lowry, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ, Tel: 0161 876 2000
Thu 28 Sep - Sun 1 Oct
John Stansfield
Published on:
Mon 25 Sep 2023