Following recent news, Manchester City Council has just confirmed that Afghan refugees will soon be staying at two hotels near Manchester Airport after their imminent arrival at Birmingham Airport. While Care4Calais’s Manchester team are gearing up to meet them, they still need your support. Here are just five things you can do to help Afghan refugees in Manchester: 

Donate clothing and resources

The Manchester charity, Care4Calais, is urgently appealing for donations to help with the arrival of Afghanistan refugees in Manchester. Specifically, the charity is in need of unlocked phones, chargers, and men’s clothing – specifically size small coats, trainers, and t-shirts. Donations of more recreational items such as notebooks and playing cards will also be welcomed. Ensure all items donated are clean, working and still able to get use out of. The Manchester drop-off point is currently Beetham Tower, 301 Deansgate, M3 4LX. 

Donate money

If you don’t have any clothes or resources lying about that you’re able to donate, then you can get involved with Care4Calais’ goal of raising £40,000 from 17th August until the 1st October 2021 by taking part in the Afghan Welcome Packs project. The charity’s aim is to provide the newly housed Afghan refugees with new arrival packs so they have clean clothes to change into, proper shoes and basic toiletries.

Volunteer your time

If you are unable to donate money or resources, you can still volunteer up your time to demonstrate your support. Care4Calais are always in need of dedicated volunteers who want to help make a difference with their hands and hearts. Whether you start a fundraiser, launch a campaign or offer up a collection point for donations – any form of volunteered help will be appreciated. To volunteer please email

Raise awareness

If you’re unable to donate resources, money, or time then a way you can show support is by raising and spreading awareness of the current humanitarian issue. Care4Calais states that we need every voice we can to let the UK know that refugees are welcome here, that they have a lot to contribute and that we need safe and legal ways for them to reach safety. Whether you’re sharing posts, sending around petitions, broadcasting vital links or using your platform to amplify the voices, work, and initiatives of Afghan activists, leaders, journalists, artists, and researchers – this is an alternative way of showing your support, care and commitment for the cause.

Write to your local MP

Another form of active support is by writing to your local MP. Whether you detail the events to bring it to your MP’s attention, highlight the importance of immediate action, or outline the key steps that they could take to publicly show their support – this is a significant way of directly reaching out to your most local means of government to call for urgent humanitarian support and safe passage from Afghanistan for civilians and refugees. To find out who your local MP is simply search “UK Parliament Find Your MP” then type your postcode and the result show appear.

Thu 19 Aug
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Thu 19 Aug 2021