From remastered photographs of the Apollo missions to a big-screen exploration of the known universe, Jodrell Bank offers a diverse programme of interstellar entertainment to captivate the amateur astronomer and cosmic-curious alike.

If you book online in advance of your visit, you can visit again for free for the rest of 2023 – as many times as you want. Jodrell Bank is also taking part in National Lottery Open Week (18-25 March) with a special two-for-one ticket offer. The offer grants day admission to Jodrell’s galleries, exhibitions and grounds, including the new First Light at Jodrell Bank Pavilion. You can find more details here.

Apollo Remastered | Space Pavilion | Until Sun 16 Apr | 10am-4pm | Free with admission

To commemorate the 50-year anniversary of humankind’s final steps on the moon, Apollo: Remastered presents a small selection of breathtaking digitally enhanced photographs from Apollo 17, the final mission of NASA’s dauntless, world-changing space programme. From our first footprints on the lunar surface to the hauntingly weightless American flag planted in the landscape of a new horizon, the pictures on display contain the most significant moments in human history, rendered in unprecedented detail.

An Imperfect Account of a Comet | The Angle, First Light Pavilion | Until Sun 16 Apr 10am-4pm | Free with admission

Celebrating the celestial discoveries of 18th century astronomer Caroline Herschel, Lynda Laird’s stirring audiovisual installation comprises 560 photographic glass plates, each featuring stars Herschel noticed were missing from the British Star Catalogue. In bringing these omitted bodies to light, Laird honours the countless women whose contributions to astronomy and physics have been ignored, overlooked and underappreciated throughout history.

An accompanying sound composition acknowledges the comets and nebulae discovered by Herschel in her lifetime. Structured according to their precise charted orbits – and interspersed with words from Herschel’s private journals – Annie Needham and Phil Tomsett’s 8 Comets combines music with spoken word to bring new dimensions to the breadth of her groundbreaking contributions.

Telescope Talks | Until Sun 31 Dec | Daily | Free with Admission

Taking place at various points throughout the day, Jodrell Bank’s half-hour Telescope Talks expand on the purpose and function of its staggeringly large Lovell Telescope – the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world – with resident Explainers introducing curious Earthlings to unimaginable frontiers of space exploration.

Cap Com Go! | Until Sun 16 Apr | 10.30am, 2.30pm | £4/6

Suitable for aspiring astronauts of all ages, this short film allows young visitors to witness the pivotal NASA Apollo 11 mission with a 360 planetarium dome display, transporting viewers on a uniquely immersive journey alongside three courageous astronauts as they navigate the heart-stopping challenges of manned space travel on their way to becoming the first people on the Moon.

Journey through the Night Sky | Until Sun 16 Apr | 2.30pm | £4/6

Led by a team of veteran presenters, Journey Through the Night Sky offers a traditionally majestic guide to the cosmos with a Dome show which uses software to simulate the entire observable universe.

The Lovell Lecture | Thu 27 Apr | 7.30pm

Hosted by the incredible Professor Monica M.Grady, this fascinating lecture explores the role of the microscope in space study, and the stories that ancient meteorites hold in their fragments. Serving as vital records of the solar system, Monica will delve into the roles of these intergalactic pieces of shrapnel and how the microscope can help us better understand the great unknown.

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