The lifeblood of many a brunch, the Bloody Mary is the hair of the dog that gets you going again the morning after the night before. Manchester’s explosion in breakfast and brunch spots unsurprisingly means there’s a host of places to get some spicy tomatoey alcohol but everyone knows not all Bloody Marys are created equal and everyone has their unique preferences for the heat, the alcohol, and the garnish. We’ve got a few of the best Bloody Marys Manchester has to offer that we think hit the spot with their unique combinations.

The Koffee Pot

It’s rare that a round-up of breakfast or brunch spots in Manchester doesn’t include Koffee Pot – and for good reason. They even get into this round-up, not for a good Bloody Mary, but for four of them. For £7 breakfasteers can get their choice of three boozy Bloody Mary variations or for a couple of quid less, £5 will get you an alcohol-free spicy tomato pick-me-up. If you want a classic Bloody Mary with a kick, get the sriracha laden KP Bloody Mary, a Thai infusion comes with the fish sauce and Kaffir Lime Gin in the Thai Snapper, while the Mexican themed Bloody Michelada contains beer and lime. The Bloody Shame, if you can’t quite get back to the booze yet, is your classic Bloody Mary with the vodka removed. All comers, all covered.

The Koffee Pot, 84-86 Oldham Street, Manchester M4 1LE, Tel: 0161 236 8918
Albert’s Schloss

It may be that Albert’s Schloss is the venue with the earliest-access to a Bloody Mary in the city. With the Peter Street bar open from 8am during the week and 9am on the weekends, if you find yourself wandering the city looking for breakfast (hopefully after having slept) with a dash of booze, then step into the Alpine alcohol air of the Schloss. It’s not on their standard cocktail menu but rest assured we’ve never been disappointed when on the hunt for a bit of tomato juice and vodka before. Paired with one of Schloss’ raved about cronuts, this is a morning to dream of.

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter Street, Manchester M2 5QR, Tel: 0161 833 4040
El Capo

The rowdy Mexican street food joint on Tariff Street, El Capo, has its special Mexican twist on the Bloody Mary. The Bloody Maria takes all the things you love about a Bloody Mary but swaps the vodka for the kick of El Jimador Blanco tequila (of course). Keeping very much in the Mexican cocktail theme, it also sticks with the traditional spicy kick of a Bloody Mary to sort you out of a bleary early afternoon hangover and set you on your way to needing another one the following day.

El Capo, 12 Tariff Street, Manchester M1 2FF, Tel: 0161 237 3154
The Midland Afternoon Tea

If you’re after some refinement with your Bloody Mary, you can do worse than add it on to brunch at The Midland. Already on food and drink lovers’ radar for the tasting menus at The French and Mr Cooper’s brasserie, The Midland has recently started a set brunch menu which comes in at £26 with a Bloody Mary attached. As is usual, you can obviously go bottomless, though this will take the brunch up to just shy of £50. Other cocktails are available as part of the deal but considering this is a Bloody Mary round-up, we’ll let you find out about that in another guide.

Tearoom at The Midland, The Midland Hotel, Peter Street, Manchester M60 2DS, Tel: 0161 235 4782
The Refuge

There aren’t many better settings to while away a decadent brunch or a solitary cocktail than The Refuge, especially if you manage to nab a spot outside on a sunny day. Couple that with their own take on the Bloody Mary and you’re ready to greet any day with all it’s got. The Bloody Mabel gets gone with the vodka and brings us a Spanish-Irish collaboration with Jameson and dry sherry. The extra boozy Bloody Mabel cuts through the tomato and lemon, though they’ll get you a classic if you ask nicely but with a drink this good, why would you want to?

The Refuge at The Principal, Oxford Street, Manchester M60 7HA, Tel: 0161 233 5151
Joe Daly
Published on:
Sun 26 Jan 2020