Even in an age where it feels as though we get all our information from social media and news channels, magazines are still going strong. That said, it can sometimes be inconvenient to make the trip to the shops for each issue and with heightened worries, what better way to keep up with content from your favourite magazines than digitally? From apps to online subscriptions, here’s our top 5 picks…

The Big Issue North

A staple of the Northern landscape, Big Issue North prides itself on being sold by local vendors on the streets rather than in shops, supporting local people and keeping things Northern. Their website states that the move to digital is a relatively new jump, charging just £2 for the current issue which covers everything from football to fashion. Half of this fee is directly given to a hardship fund for those who will be struggling through this difficult time, and for that you get stress free reading from the comfort of your own home… it’s a win-win!


The established men’s style and culture magazine joins the digital sphere offering a yearly payment option. With past cover models including Michael B. Jordan, Sean Penn and Tom Hardy clad in their best attire, it is not difficult to see how the magazine has become so renowned. Esquire is also quite intensely active on social media, making it extremely easy to know what will be included in the next issue and when it comes out, meaning digitisation wins the day.

Total Film

“The smarter movie magazine” provides all the film news you could hope for, with even the most niche films covered alongside the highest profile blockbuster releases. Trusted reviews, access all areas interviews, and even educational pieces about how to write for the screen all make up this leading film and TV focused magazine, and its per issue, monthly and yearly payment options make the digital option versatile to suit your budget.

Rolling Stone

Possibly the most famous rock ‘n’ roll music magazine of all time has not missed the opportunity to go digital, one-upping much of the competition with its own dedicated app. Whether you’re a die-hard Zeppelin fan or you prefer to have your finger on the pulse of modern music, Rolling Stone is the epitome of all music news, interviews and trusted voices in the world of rocking. For a single subscription price, readers can access the digital magazine on multiple iOS devices, boasting a striking similarity to the physical magazine, meaning you don’t miss out on that authentic feel.


Cosmo is a staple of magazine racks the world over, so it is no surprise that their digital platform has been around for a while with the same modern fashion and lifestyle content it has been boasting for years. Its front cover has featured the likes of Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens and Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness over the years- with readers guessing who might appear next in the run up to each issue’s release. Again several payment options makes online subscriptions as easy as possible and by ditching the paper you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. 

Emmeline Banks
Published on:
Fri 20 Mar 2020