It seems every comedian and their dog has a podcast these days but there might not be that many that sound like real people with a Northern(ish) accent. So we’ve rounded up some of our favourite podcasts from the North West comedy scene. Have a listen…

All Killa No Filla

Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s podcast is ostensibly about serial killers but over 68 episodes produced so far they have covered so much more. They tell you to come for the ‘killa’ but stay for the ‘filla’ and they’re not wrong, going off on wild tangents about all manner of topics before either of the hosts reminds themselves to ‘crack on’. It’s honest, caring and absolutely hilarious as these two friends discuss the childhood, crimes and court proceedings of their chosen serial killers.

Job's a Good'un with Chris Washington

Golbourne’s favourite ex-postie and raconteur extraordinaire Chris Washington speaks to comedians, musicians and other artists about their early employment roles. So far he’s chatted to Jayde Adams about her time as a bouncer, compared paper rounds with Matt Forde and spoken respectfully with Fern Brady about her pre-comedy work as an exotic dancer. All with his trademark Northern charm intact.

Mandatory Redistribution Party

Relatively new in podcast terms but Sean Morley and Jack Evans’ staggering work ethic on this labour of love socialist’s dream of a podcast means they are already 41 episodes deep. A hilarious rallying cry for the many that feel left behind by capitalism and neo-liberalism, Mando Party is hilarious, subversive and enlightening in equal measures. A must for fans of bizarre comedy and Karl Marx’s musings.

Harriet Dyer's Don't Worry Bi(Polar) Happy

Harriet Dyer is a joy to watch and indeed listen to. Her wonderful mind spinning out to reveal honest and hilarious gems of wisdom in between the adventures she’s been on. So it will surprise no-one who has seen Harriet perform or been to her award-winning comedy night Barking Tales that her podcast is absolutely brilliant. Through these mentally tough times she is doing a daily podcast too to help brighten up any day.

Have a Word

Two of the biggest characters on the North West comedy scene Dan Nightingale and Adam Rowe are also doing a daily deep dive into whatever is on their minds. And thankfully with these two pros, they’ve got a lot to vent and a never ending stream of cracking anecdotes. Have a Word is relatively new but the pair are giving it their full attention and share an easy going chemistry that often feels like a glimpse into the green room of your favourite comedy club.

Tiredness Kills

Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill of The Delightful Sausage have enlisted the help of Jack Evans from Mandatory Redistribution Party to make something truly aurally bizarre. Tiredness Kills is set to ‘drop’ in April and will feature some of the duo’s off beat characters as well as some of the North West’s more surreal comedians as special guests.

John Stansfield
Published on:
Fri 27 Mar 2020