Below is a list of a dozen plays that are available to stream now or will be coming in the next couple of weeks. You’ll find a wide variety – from stage epics filmed in high-def, to locally produced audio dramas. Many have a link for donations, so please consider giving some cash if you can spare it.

Homebound/Alaala | Ballet Hispánico of New York

Celebrating its 50th birthday, albeit in a socially distanced fashion, the Ballet has been releasing archival favourites. This latest piece looks at the intersection of Latin and Asian cultures via the themes of overcoming hardship and the quest for home. Available until midnight on Wednesday 29 July.

Faust | Royal Opera House

You have until Thursday to enjoy Charles-François Gounod’s retelling of the famous German folk tale. The demon Mephistopheles offers a philosopher youth and the love of the beautiful Marguerite… if he hands over his soul. The design pays tribute to the art and architecture of 1870’s Paris.

King Lear | Oddsocks | Fri 31 Jul | 7pm

A family-run company, Oddsocks are currently shielding due to their daughter’s serious medical condition. So, they are performing the play live from their house in Derbyshire. Each scene will take place in a different room, and it will be edited live by remote. Streaming on Friday 31 Jul at 7pm.

Falstaff & The Rake's Progress | Glyndebourne

Updated to the post-war era, Verdi’s comedy centres on the women of Windsor, who teach the titular lecher a lesson. Available until Sun 2 Aug. After that, Hogarth’s paintings charting one man’s path to ruin are the inspiration for Stravinsky’s tragicomedy. Featuring the designs of David Hockney.

The Sleeping Beauty | Royal Ballet | Until Fri 7 Aug

Tchaikovsky’s score is paired with classic choreography from the 19th century. The lead, Fumi Kaneko, was a last-minute replacement for the injured original soloist – but you’d never guess from watching her. The performance was broadcast live to cinemas earlier this year. Available until Fri 7 Aug.

Broadbend, Arkansas | Transport Group | Until Sun 16 Aug

An original musical from 2019, it’s centred on three generations of an African American family. The all too topical story addresses many current issues, such as civil rights, income inequality, and police brutality. It’s produced by an acclaimed NYC based company and available until Sun 16 Aug.

Moments of Connection | Royal Exchange | Until Mon 13 Aug

The venue’s Young Company Writers have been working with theatre staff to create nine brand-new video monologues. They were inspired by the themes of human connection, kindness and compassion. Filmed by theatre directors, the performers include Julie Hesmondhalgh and Geraldine Somerville. Available until Mon 31 Aug.

My Darling Christopher | Hot Coals Theatre/Home Mcr

This short, filmed play is based on the true story of a young boy, who, at the outbreak of WWII, contracted meningitis and lost both his vision and hearing. It combines spoken English, British Sign Language, and Visual Vernacular. Tickets are ‘Pay What You Can’.

Ten Nights in Bolton | Octagon Theatre

The newly revamped venue is wasting no time in putting out content. This project is 10 audio monologues, released daily, by winners of a creative writing competition. They cover a range of subjects, from the everyday to more weighty issues. The cast includes BAFTA-nominee Ruth Madeley.

Cinderella Games | English National Ballet

If you find full-length ballets to be too daunting, then check out this short dance film. Performers of all ages take to the Royal Albert Hall in a reimagining of the fairy tale. It explores what would happen after the ball if the Prince never found Cinders.

Oldham Coliseum’s Mini Podcast

The newest episode consists of three short audio plays which were written and performed by disabled people from Greater Manchester. Based on the theme of ‘distance’, each five-minute work offers insight into the emotional challenges the disabled community face in their everyday lives and during the lockdown.

The White Swan | Foraois Productions

The audience plays the role of counsellor in this independently produced video monologue. Grace O’Leary writes and stars as a professional woman who is unable to have children. When her husband proposes that they adopt, the suggestion awakens in her memories of a youthful indiscretion.

Mon 27 Jul - Mon 10 Aug
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Wed 29 Jul 2020