Nobody relies on a crowd more than a comic. So in this time of social distancing the local comedy scene has to rely on other means to make you laugh. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways you can still enjoy the local comedy scene without leaving your home.

XS Malarkey online

It seems nothing can stop XS Malarkey from putting on a show. From countless venue changes over its 21 years of operation it now has to contend with a social gathering closing virus. No problem, they’ve just taken XS online. Parking up at Twitch now on Tuesdays the first outing for this virtual comedy club boasted James Acaster, Nish Kumar and Helen Bauer. Who knows who’ll be turning up in the future. Head to twitch on Tuesday evening to see who Toby Hadoke is hanging out with.


Billed as the ‘Netflix of UK stand-up’, NextUp offers a chance to watch the shows you may have missed at Edinburgh Fringes past. And with the real possibility of there not being a Fringe this year it may be the best place to watch hour long shows from some of your favourite performers. Brennan Reece, The Delightful Sausage, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Danny McLoughlin, Jonny Pelham, Rob Mulholland, Peter Brush and more all have shows on the site and a subscription costs less than a fiver a month.

Hot Water Comedy Club

Liverpool’s favourite comedy club has been stockpiling stand-up clips over the past few years as if it knew something like this might happen. The likes of Paul Smith have made careers off the back of their popularity and you can find videos from the likes of Gary Delaney, Adam Rowe and Harriet Dyer in the back catalogue of Hot Water.


This 2016 curio from the mind of Sean Morley deserves more attention for the sheer work that went into creating it, not to mention the anarchic energy of an alternative night it managed to capture. Featuring a who’s who of the Northern alternative comedy scene Morley’s fever dream made flesh is 40 minutes of pure inventiveness and a testament to the DIY spirit of the scene.

John Stansfield
Published on:
Thu 2 Apr 2020