As part of the college’s mission to ‘Define the Future of Music’, the RNCM is hosting a series of spellbinding public concerts over the course of the next year with a focus on climate change and our responsibility towards preserving the natural world.

From Earth-inspired pop programmes to instruments carved out of frozen lake water, The Future is Green invites audiences to consider their ecological outlook and learn more about the RNCM’s extensive sustainability measures while enjoying an array of incredible work from world-renowned musicians.

While there are plenty of innovative climate-focused events scheduled for the coming year, here are the unmissable concerts from the autumn line-up.

RNCM Session Orchestra | Sat 28 Oct | 7pm | £11-£16

Featuring a specially curated ‘Earth’ setlist of brand new arrangements inspired by our planet, the RNCM Session Orchestra transports audiences through six decades of musical evolution in an electrifying night of captivating compositions, led by Director Andy Stott, with a programme of reimagined classics from icons such as Radiohead, Marvin Gaye, Miley Cyrus and more.

Audiences can also enjoy a tender, poignant performance from RNCM Popular Music Student May Payne, whose work draws on a diverse catalogue of influences including emo, folk and R’n’B.

RNCM Symphony Orchestra: John Adams’ Harmonielehre | Fri 3 Nov | 7.30pm | £8.50-£16

While there is ongoing debate over whether John Adams’ rarely performed masterwork constitutes a symphony, the inimitable three-movement suite Harmonielehre remains a breathtaking work which draws inspiration from both tonal philosophy and Adams’ dreams. Audiences are taken on a ‘harmonic expedition’ across the orchestral vista of Late Romanticism, filtered through minimalistic intonations.

Alongside Adams, Tansy Davies performs her vivid, playful piece re-greening, which explores the essence of spring and the cycle of forest life.

Listen to Tansy’s incredible piece here:

Terje Isungset Ice Quartet | Fri 10 Nov | 8pm | £21

Widely known as the founding father of ‘ice music’ – and its pre-eminent practitioner to this day – Terje Isungset returns to the UK with a glacial paean to nature featuring a range of unique, mesmerising instruments including ice horn, ice bass, ice percussion and even an ‘iceophone’, all hand-crafted from natural frozen lake water by award-winning ice carver, Bill Covitz, during Isungset’s annual Ice Music Festival in Norway.

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