Head to Manchester-favourite, HOME, for this year’s 25th-anniversary of the UK Jewish Film Festival and discover a spectacular range of films from around the world exploring Jewish and Israeli life, history and culture.

Showing in a range of languages, including English, Spanish, Taiwanese and Italian—this film fest is great for any foreign film fanatics out there looking for some new material to soak up. Equally, all screenings will have full English subtitles so not to worry whatever your Duolingo score is!

Shalom Taiwan (2019) | Sun 7 Nov | 6pm

Directed by Walter Tejblum, this film is centred around community and connection amongst the worldwide Jewish community. Having exhausted all fundraising possibilities in his hometown of Buenos Aires, and with a heartless moneylender at his heels, exasperated Rabbi Aaron embarks on a trip to Taiwan, where, he is told, wealthy donors would be happy to financially support his community.

Travelling around the country, taking in the sights and connecting with locals helps Aaron save not only his synagogue and congregation but also his marriage. A heartwarming and uplifting comic drama about the importance of family, community and hope. Tickets start from £7.50.

Thou Shalt Not Hate (2020) | Wed 10 Nov | 6.15pm

Hitting the screens for the first time last year, this film, directed by Mauro Mancini, tells the tale of the devastating effects of far-right ideology in Italy today. Witnessing a hit-and-run accident, Jewish surgeon Simone rushes to save the victim’s life. Upon noticing the man’s swastika tattoo, however, Simone leaves him to die.

Haunted by guilt, he hires the man’s daughter Marcia as his new cleaner and they get close. Vehemently opposing their burgeoning relationship at first, Marcia’s white supremacist brother is forced to confront his blind hatred when Simone is called to save his life. Tickets start from £7.50.

Sin La Habana (2021) | Thurs 11 Nov | 6pm

Directed by Kaveh Nabatian, brace yourself for a stunning, colourful exploration of love, passion and commitment with a twist. Desperate to leave Cuba, salsa teacher Leonardo and his girlfriend Sara come up with a plan: Leonardo will make one of his foreign students fall for him. Once he has moved in with her and his visa has been granted, Sara will join him there.

At first, their scheme seems to work: Leonardo seduces Nasim, an Iranian-Jewish woman living in Montreal. Getting to know Nasim, however, makes Leonardo look anew at his life. Exploring love, desperation and the perils of both—this one is sure to leave you moved. Tickets start from £7.50.

A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto (2020) | Sun 14 Nov | 3.30pm

All about the past and present and how the two intertwine—this flick, directed by Giulio Base, follows the discovery of a puzzling photograph that sparks a student, Sophia, to probe the history of Rome’s Jewish ghetto and the fate of a little girl. When Sofia finds an old snapshot in a neglected suitcase, she’s mesmerised by the child’s picture. As details emerge – the child’s name, separation from her parents during a Gestapo raid, and rescue by a nun – Sofia commits to honouring the girl’s memory by staging an original play with classmates and friends from a nearby Jewish high school.

But first, she must overcome the objections of concerned parents. Expect an Italian teen drama defying linear chronology with a twist. Injecting youthful energy into this inspiring story—this talented ensemble demonstrates the importance of memory, coexistence and reconciling generational frictions. Tickets start from £7.50.

Sun 7 Nov - Sun 14 Nov, HOME,
2 Tony Wilson Pl, Manchester M15 4FN
, Tel: 0161 200 1500
Rhiannon Ingle
Published on:
Fri 5 Nov 2021