We thought it was high time we made you a playlist of our favourite bangers made right here in Manchester, and celebrated its infamous dance music heritage. The Hacienda and Sankey’s were widely regarded as some of the best clubs in the world in their day, and the Warehouse Project is now one of the biggest and busiest clubs in the world. “The thing about Manchester is… it all comes from here” said Noel Gallagher… Long may it continue!

Blue Monday | New Order

The best selling 12” single of all time. ‘Nuff said.

Fool's Gold | The Stone Roses

The Madchester bands of the 90s waded deep into club territory at times, and this 10 minute balearic-y funk odyssey is no doubt the pinnacle. Bongos for days, the funkiest guitar riffs this side of the Atlantic and THAT Mani bassline – it doesn’t get much better than this.

Voodoo Ray | A Guy Called Gerald

This tore the roof off the Hacienda on many occasion, legend has it. And it’s straight out of Moss Side – Gerald found Nicola Collier on his estate to sing the vocals.

Pacific State | 808 State

This was one of the first tracks to match the USA’s burgeoning acid and techno scene, and remains one of the UK’s finest club exports.

Get a Move On | Mr Scruff

Manchester wouldn’t be the same without Mr Scruff, one of the most eclectic DJs on the planet. This 1999 classic was years ahead of its time, sampling blues and jazz into a big-beat/trip-hop banger.

Hallelujah (Andrew Weatherall & Paul Oakenfold Remix) | Happy Mondays

This stomper brings together visionary band Happy Mondays with two of the most important DJs the UK has, or had to offer in the case of the recently passed Weatherall. A Madchester classic.

Lapwing | Werkha

Looking to our future, one of the city’s brightest stars comes in the shape of Werkha. The one-man band is pushing boundaries in dance music left, right and centre, with his interesting time signatures and forward thinking sampling.

Hey Boy, Hey Girl | The Chemical Brothers

One of the most influential dance bands around, the Chemical Brothers remain at the forefront of UK dance music churning out classics year after year.

Bridge Theory (Il Bosco & Metrodome Remix) | Il Bosco

Red Laser Records has been reppin’ Manchester hard since 2012 with their italo chuggers, and this one collaborating with Levelz DJ Metrodome is one of their finest.

Feel Me | Willow

Another glance at the future of Manchester’s dance music, this 2015 classic comes from techno pioneer Willow.

Leo Burrell
Published on:
Wed 18 Mar 2020