A little school closure isn’t going to stop kids from continuing their education. We’ve rounded up a handful of live-streamed and online education resources that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Ready? …and begin!

PE With Joe Wick | Youtube

If your kids think that all these school closures have gotten them out of PE, they can think again. The Body Coach AKA fitness fanatic Joe Wicks has launched a daily exercise regime that can be streamed for free directly from his YouTube channel. From Monday to Friday at 9am, kids of all ages can tune into Wicks’ friendly and informal 30 minute sessions for a much-needed energy boost direct from their homes. Aimed to keep your kids moving, fit, energised and positive during this uncertain and confusing time, PE With Joe promises to be perfect for little kids, right up to children in secondary school. Sessions will be tweaked so they’re able to be completed from the comfort of your living room and he’ll ensure they’re suitable for all experience levels.

Maths With Carol Vorderman

Legendary Countdown co-host and numerical whiz Carol Vorderman is helping kids stay sharp during this unexpected downtime by offering free online maths tuition. The popular television personality’s maths school TheMathsFactor.com is usually £2 per week to enjoy, with Vorderman providing a selection of maths lessons and games aimed at kids aged four to twelve. With schools closing due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, the star has revealed that all of her lessons are now free of charge until normality resumes and schools reopen. In addition to tuning up their arithmetic skills, kids will also get the opportunity to get free certificates that they can print off at home to track their progress.

Learn for free with Seneca

Students, parents and teachers have been flocking to Seneca recently thanks to its fun and absolutely free learning facilities. Aimed at students prepping for examinations, this innovative platform is available for students and teachers to use and invites them to learn and revise through a selection of interactive games. According to their website, their online lessons are perfect for those focusing on KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Level goals, with a wide variety of topics and resources covered. Best of all, Seneca can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home via tablet, desktop and mobile.

Simon Bland
Published on:
Tue 24 Mar 2020