With our opportunities for exercise very limited, many people are turning to yoga to maintain a healthy body and mind. There are loads of resources online to help you, not all of which are of the best quality. But never fear, we have trawled the internet to find three of the best places to start when it comes to streaming classes…


America’s biggest chain of yoga studios has 16 classes available to watch for free. They are all professionally produced and hosted by experienced instructors. From 30 to 60 mins long, the videos cover various skill levels: C1, C2, YS, and Hot Power Fusion. There’s also a handful of guided meditation videos to help you relax. The videos are streaming on the company’s website (see the link below), but you can watch them just about anywhere, including your phone, Fire TV, and Apple TV.


You may know of this company for its athletics clothing but it also has many hours worth of videos on its official YouTube channel. In one handy playlist, you’ll find classes of various lengths and featuring several styles of yoga. There’s some for beginners, including some short vidoes introducing you to the various poses, and also full classes. There’s a series of everyday ‘flows’, and another aimed especially at runners. Elsewhere on the channel, there are some general workout sessions.

Yoga Soul MCR

Since closing its doors (temporarily), this Northern Quarter based studio is opening up classes to the wider community by hosting them online at reduced costs. After you sign up, you will need to download the ZOOM app for your laptop, tablet, or mobile so you can communicate with your teacher during the session. They will reserve four free spots in each class for NHS staff. The dates and times for upcoming events haven’t been released yet but keep checking the link for info.

A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Thu 26 Mar 2020