Hosted by Manchester-based event series Kinetic, Intimate is a multi-arts based exploration of intimacy featuring a variety of performances and exhibitions from multi-disciplinary artists taking place at a selection of innovative local venues – including the city’s brand new space, FloMak Elegance. Here’s a handful of events that should be on your radar…

Be Here Now | The White Hotel | Thu 20 Feb | 7.30pm | £6

Stars of the European experimental music and performance scene Marco Fusi, Winnie Huang and Gwen Rouger present a programme exploring extreme delicacy and fragility, physical interference, personal memories, deep listening, the sounds in our heads, social encounters and group behaviours. From the almost inaudible sound world of Oliver Thurley, to the deep transcendental state of Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations #1: Teach Yourself to Fly and Aviva Endean’s embracement of sharing childhood memories and the community of choir in Song Invitation: Lullaby – this audio-led event promises a truly memorable start to the festival.

The White Hotel, Salford, M3 7LW
One To One | Partisan | 21 - 23 Feb | Various Times | £5

Charlie Sdraulig, Marco Fusi, Winnie Huang and Gwen Rouger bring the UK premiere of One to One (2019) to Manchester, featuring an intimately staged sequence of three performances, each for one performer and one audience member at a time. This event frames music as a social exchange: a calm yet intense co-presence, subtly negotiated via quiet sounds and nuanced gestures. Experience a violin piece where breathing and bowing meld, a gestural performance reflecting varied modes of attention and an amplified, ASMR-like exploration of the piano’s action.  Each ticket is for a set lasting approx. 60 mins and includes all three performances.

19 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester M4 4FY
Motor Vehicle Sundown | FloMak Elegance Hall | Fri 21 Feb | 7.30pm | £6

Kathryn Williams and Andy Ingamells operate together as a composition duo. Their work teeters on the balance of rigorous enquiry and playfulness, including the practice of pentimento (a technique used in oil painting where sketches underneath the paint are slowly revealed over time), and applying this to sound, performance and their bodies. Kathryn is a flautist whose work focuses on transgressing real or imagined limitations by focusing on breathing while Andy is an experimental musician who has developed unusual ways to blur the lines between composer and performer. In the past he’s played pianos overflowing with red wallpaper paste and invented violin cricket – together with Kathryn, the duo promise an unforgettable evening.

East Philip Street Warehouse, Manchester, M3 7LE
Sticks, Bits & Eats | The White Hotel | Sun 23 Feb | 7.30pm | £6

Manchester-based experimental musicians Rosalind Ridout, Callum Coomber, Darren Gallacher, Shaun Davies and Stephen Bradshaw combine for a performance featuring makeshift whistles, field recordings, environmental objects, personal tales, delicate sound, ritual, patience and of course, marshmallow consumption. This all-encompassing event will be followed by a panel discussion featuring festival collaborators Charlie Sdraulig, Winnie Huang, Marco Fusi, Gwen Rouger and other contributing artists.

The White Hotel, Salford, M3 7LW
Thu 20 Feb - Sun 23 Feb, Various Start Times, Various Locations, Various Prices
Simon Bland
Published on:
Wed 29 Jan 2020