The region’s biggest celebration of all things sciency returns on Friday 12 February in an all-digital format. The theme this year is tackling climate change, so you’ll hear from experts at the forefront of the fight and discover practical ways that you can make a difference. The festival runs for 10 days and features a plethora of online talks, exhibitions and debates. Below are five of the best events. Tickets are available now, and whilst they’re free, donations are gratefully accepted.

Transport: How Can I Be a Good Citizen of the World? | Sat 13 Feb | 11.30am

The world’s transit system doesn’t meet today’s environmental needs, being an unplanned patchwork that was created in an ad-hoc way. Modes of transport are becoming more eco-friendly all the time – but should we also aim to travel less often? This event will look at how transport got into its current state, and what we should do next. Speakers include Professor Karen Luca from the University of Manchester, and Ellis Palmer – the News Producer at BBC 5 Live. This is the first part of our series of talks curated by Physicist Helen Czerski, looking at equality, food and transport in the context of climate change.

Lovelock’s Legacy and Our Future | Sat 13 Feb | 7.30pm

The Gaia Hypothesis, first outlined by James Lovelock, is a controversial theory which proposes that all the Earth’s organic and inorganic components have evolved together as a single living system. Now aged 101, Lovelock has recorded a special message responding to questions about his ideas. The physicist and oceanographer Dr Helen Czerski leads a panel who will respond to this recording and give their thoughts on humanity’s relationship with the Earth.

The Road to Carbon Zero | Sun 14 Feb | 2pm

Myles Allen is Professor of Geosystem Science and head of the Climate Dynamics Group at Oxford University. In this special interview, he will talk about his ideas for a Carbon Takeback Obligation. This involves giving fossil fuel companies the responsibility for the safe storage of carbon, which would lead to a substantial decrease in emissions. You’ll hear how his research could be used to help the UK achieve its target of becoming net carbon zero by 2050. This interview is chaired by one of the Science and Industry Museum’s expert Explainers.

Brian Eno and James Thornton in Conversation | Mon 15 Feb | 7.30pm

The famed composer, music producer and climate campaigner Brian Eno will be talking to the CEO of ClientEarth, James Thornton, to discuss how we can use the law to protect the planet. ClientEarth is an environmental organisation with a team of lawyers and scientists who have used their expertise to bring about lasting change. They have won court cases regarding air pollution, and written laws to protect fish stocks. The event is chaired by the science, natural history, and environmental broadcaster Liz Bonnin.

Let's Talk About Eco-Anxiety | Sat 20 Feb | 2pm

What is eco-anxiety and how does it affect young people today? Confronted by headlines about extreme weather events and animal habitat loss, environmental issues are at the forefront of many people’s minds. Seemingly overwhelming, the subject can lead to feelings of frustration and helplessness. This interactive event is chaired by Nile Henry, founder and CEO of social enterprise The Blair Project. He will bring together an expert panel and an audience for a discussion about this important topic, supported by Electricity North West.

Thu 11 Feb
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Sun 14 Feb 2021