Right at the heart of Chorlton’s Four Banks, Dulcimer is one of the neighbourhood’s top venues for live music events and DJ parties. Here are five of the best free events happening there this week.

Folk Songs: Interactive Live Music | Tue 14 Jan | 8pm | Free

This regular folk music event invites players to come together and jam in Dulcimer’s cosy upstairs space. Whether you’re a violinist, guitarist, pianist or percussionist, you’ll be very welcome to join in this folksy environ. Of course, you can also just grab a drink and enjoy the music.

Refried Beats: Afro-Cuban Jam Night | Wed 15 Jan | 10pm | Free

Refried Beats brings African and South American music to Chorlton every month for their long-running Afro-Cuban jam sessions. All are welcome: whether you’re an established player or new to the game, you’ll feel right at home.

Open Mic Night | Thu 16 Jan | 8pm | Free

Best Open Mic Night in Chorlton, possibly Manchester, possibly the world. Whether you’re just here to enjoy the music, or you want to try out a song yourself, this a long-established and supportive environment. Stick around for Pat the Butcher playing records in the bar downstairs.

Combover DJ | Fri 17 Jan | 9pm | Free

Friday night at Dulcimer is soundtracked by DJ Guy ’Tightass’ Connor, helping January get into the groove. With his extensive record collection of rock, blues, soul and funk, there’s no better place to start to the weekend than in DJ Connor’s company.

Reasons to be Cheerful DJ | Sat 18 Jan | 9pm | Free

DJ Dunc selects his favourites of post-punk, new wave, pop and alternative 80s hits. Get up and dance in the hustle and bustle of Saturday night Chorlton. Hoorah!

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Edward Lane
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Tue 14 Jan 2020