Strange as it may seem, next week is technically the half term holiday – and if you’re looking for fun and educational things for children to do, then the People’s History Museum has got your back. Below are five activities that kids of different ages can take part in. These are all part of Ideas Worth Exploring, a programme that lets people to enjoy the Museum remotely, until it’s able to open to the public again.

The Fabric of Protest (Ages 11+) | Sat 23 May | 2pm-3pm

This textile workshop, led by artist Helen Mather, will be full of stitching, collaging and chatting. The creative starting point is the Museum’s own collection, specifically a ‘There Is No Planet B’ placard. This was chosen because the lockdown has changed people’s relationships with the natural world.

Vital Voters: Campaign Film (Ages 10-18) | Available any time

Young people are invited to make a film about the social and environmental issues that matter to them. A guide is available to watch, featuring insider tips on scripts, storyboards, sound effects and much more. Completed films could be featured in the Vital Voters Gallery. This activity is available to enjoy at any time.

My First Protest Song (Under 3s and families) | Thu 4 Jun | 11am-11.40am

Originally due to take place in the Museum itself, this musical event has found a new home online. The session will be led by singer-songwriter Matt Hill, who will be strumming some protest tunes. So, little ones should grab their impromptu instruments and join in with the sing along.

Doodle Den (Ages 7+) | Available any time

In this crafty event, kids of all ages can make a den from chairs and blankets, get themselves a pencil and some paper and start doodling. The challenges created by People’s History Museum’s Learning Team will take their imagination on a journey and explore their creative ideas. This event is also available to enjoy at any time across the half term break.

Make Your Mark (Ages 5+) | Available any time

A YouTube animation shows you how to create a miniature den using items that can be found around the house. Your den can be decorated using a specially made guide teaching users how to perfect the art of block printing. Materials required include blocks, ink or paint, card and crafting stationery. Available to enjoy at any time across the half term break.

Sat 23 May - Sun 31 May, People's History Museum,
New Ct Street, Manchester, M3 3ER
, Tel: 0161 838 9190
A. James Simpkin
Published on:
Fri 22 May 2020